• Well at Mc.Donalds....the meat takes about 45seconds to cook..the sandwich takes about 8 seconds....the fries take about 3 minutes to cook(thats the fast part)...but it all sits there ready so that when you order it all they have to do is hand it to you.. Why is it not that fast?. Bad boss, bad, unexperienced, unreliable managers. Lack of preperation. They have to deal with the most annoying customers and satisfy their demands. Employees put too much responsibility on themselves, thus causing stress, and they forget everything, always training new employees, making more mistakes, I'm pretty sure you get the point by now...etc...
  • The term "fast food" was invented in a time before the extinction of patience. Back then it was considered pretty darn fast to get your meal within 2 or 3 minutes. Hard to imagine, I know. A familiar saying comes to mind for the second point to my answer, "One man's trash is another man's treasure" In other words, what's fast to me may not be fast to you. But it would seem the majority of people agree that 3 minutes to get your meal is pretty fast in comparison to 20 or 30 minutes at a restaurant, or 3 hours at home in the oven.
  • WARNING! OPINIONATED ANSWER! It was the original principle. McDonald's in particular WAS fast, long ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth. But since then, McDonald's has decided to try giving people healthier food (which is ironic considering their burgers have sugar, and their ice cream has more salt than their fries) instead of fast service. Then, they began adding all sorts of new menu items, thereby slowing the process even further. Thus, McDonald's is no longer fast, but it is still called "fast food".
  • it moves pretty fast thru us?
  • Well compared to waiting anywhere from 20-45 minutes in a more sophisticated restaurant, I'd say 'fast' food is pretty fast. I think people are just spoiled these days and too busy; I've seen customers kick up a fuss over having to wait 2 minutes on their fries. It's TWO minutes, not 20! Caaaaaalm down! They also have to realize they almost every other customer has the same view as them, meaning there can be 2-3 times more customers than workers, hence having to wait a wee little bit longer.
  • It's called fast food, because it doesn't take that long to cook it, and you can eat it on the go. The reason why it's not that fast is because there are usually loads of unhealthy people coming in to order that stuff, and the people who work their don't like their jobs.
  • Well I think the problem with fast food restraunts isn't the fact that they are not fast, they are fast you can be in and out in a matter of minutes. The problem is that society today as a whole has lost all sense of respect, and patience. I have never worked in the food industry but I have alot of respect for the people who do, I mean they have people complaining to them about things that are out of their control all of the time. I think the question we all should be asking ourselves is What makes me so impatient and what happened that makes people think themselves better than others? I mean if you could make food faster why are you there?
  • Lol. It IS fast. Though our culture has become less and less content with anything besides instant gratification. We can put a microwavable dinner in the overn and then MOAN about how its taking too LONG. Fast food only takes about ten minutes to get... Thats not long at all. ~+~
  • It's called fast food because in the 1950's, McDonalds first sold the idea of making food fast and easy to eat. The owners of the McDonalds company in the 50's needed new ideas to market the restauarant. They re-invented everything, including the fryer, burger making, drink machines. They wanted to make it similar to an assembly line. They deemed this as "fast food". It is because the food can be made in less time and its easy to make.
  • It is quite fast. The grill's already on, everything is portioned and ready to go, the process of cooking has been streamlined. Even today, with the cooked-fresh principle being adopted, hamburgers, chips and drinks can all be issued in a fraction of the time a mum & dad Fish & Chip shop could do it in, let alone a restaurant or cooking at home.
  • i think when it first got its nic-name, fast food restaurants served food faster than sit-down restaurants and homes. my perception of fast has changed a lot over the years. growing up, we had a stove. it took 1/2 an hour or more to cook a meal. then, god graced us with a microwave. i thought that sending a letter that took 3 days was fast. 10 years ago, when i first started playing on the internet, it seemed that 30 seconds fast. now, with instant messaging, we can now communicate immediately ... so, while my perception of fast meals has gone from an hour to 4 1/4 minutes, the timeit takes fast food to get ready hasn't kept up with other advancements or our perceptions. the name was given to it and it's now stuck to it and it won't change.
  • It's relative. It's faster than a dine-in place where you have to wait to be seated and to have your order taken and for the food to be cooked to your order.
  • McDonalds would be fast if all the customers ordered just right and had thier money ready before getting to the window and didn't sit there going through the bag.
  • In the past it was fast. They had hamburgers and cheeseburgers already made instead of made to order. You said which you wanted and they plopped it down in front of you.
  • When they opened the first Macdonalds in my home town 35 years ago it was fast. It was always ready cause they went through it so fast. And busy all day. It was a lot cheaper then as well. Can't remember but something like 25 cents for a Big Mac. It was totally affordable.
  • I think it's pretty fast, compared to a dine-in restaurant.
  • Actually, isn't "fast food" an oxymoron, anyway? When I fast, I'm not allowed to have food.
  • While the lines may be long, and the service (usually) slow, it is fast for the way that it's prepared: cheaply and quickly.
  • It is a lot faster than going to an actually sit-down restaurant and ordering the food - waiting it to be cooked, having a waiter. Most of the food items on a fast food menu are designed for them to be prepared/cooked within 5 minutes as compare to items at a sit-down restaurant.
  • Ah in Ireland it is quick enough :)
  • It also depends on how the place is run. if the mananger doesnt care, the crew wonr care and thus makes it slow.

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