• It's probably usually true but not always. There are some people who bring sunshine but don't really feel much of it themselves. There are a couple of people who bring sunshine to my life, but, they don't do it in the usual happy-happy-joy-joy kind of way.
  • Jim, my son, my "second son", my family, my friends and even strangers, some of whom become friends. I absolutely believe it is bring sunshine into another's life you cannot focus on yourself nor can you be negative..therefore, you reach out in a positive manner to others..therefore, you are a positive person, maybe even sunshiny! :)
  • I think it's true. Emotions are contagious. Those who fill their thoughts and actions with love of other people will touch the lives of those around them. The people they have touched will, in turn, fill their thoughts and actions with love for that person. Hopefully the touched people would be able to continue this for others. My "sunshine bringer" is my husband- That's why I married him! :) (Hi Galeanda. Hope you're well!)
  • It's true..People who can direct the sunlight must remain transparent enough to let it pass through them first.
  • This quote operated under the assumption that all life derives energy from the sun, giving it some logical basis, however recent scientific discoveries on the ocean floor have yielded new species that derive their energy solely from the acids and carbons pumped out from the earth's inner-crust via jets of boiling water in granite tubelettes. In this regard, I also reside in a deep, cavernous depth devoid of light and I also happen to derive energy not from the applied sunshine of others, but from the molecules of carbon I can expunge from various boiling jets of sulfuric acid on the sea floor.
  • Those who help others do well do well themselves.
  • Answerbag has members who bring sunshine into the lives of others. Here are examples: [edited the names out. Galeanda was totally mentioned, though]. There are definitely more, of course. As for the quote, yeah, if I understand it correctly, I do agree with it.

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