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  • I have gotten some good complements on my soft tongue. BTW I love to eat at the Y.
  • You'd think that would be true but I really don't think it is. Knowing what feels good on yourself and being able to reproduce it on someone else are two different things. The first time I ever went down on a girl I think I panicked more than I did with a guy - it was a bit "Ahhgh what the hell do I do with all that?!" - women's bits really are a lot less obvious than mens to deal with. And the best oral I've ever had was definetly off a guy.
  • In my eyes it depends on how the person grew up, I personally like to go slow and find that spot that make the womans boy jump and also get thos deep sounds and some thrashing- then i know I am doing it right. Equal Opertunity- I have some great pleasure form a woman doing me and I love to return the favor!
  • I don't think so either, having been with bi women and straight women I have been fortunate to enough to have seen both totally satisfied with my technique. The bi women have to a person always told me that my "way of doing that" was enough for them to go totally straight". Those comments came as a result of being sober and caring enough to watch for and feel what the woman wants and what makes her want more. If a man can do that he will highly successful in satisfying the woman which is what all of us men should be centered on. If we please our woman then our pleasure is gauranteed.
  • Yeah in most cases maybe as we dont have a clit so we are only as good as the women who taught us
  • I had a lot lizard tell me I was good as any of her girlfriends.
  • No, I got told by plenty of women who were bi that I did better and most were just missing that males are mostly not patient and not passionate enough. But if males are completely bowing to the will and mood of the women, they do it better.

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