• I don't think that's possible. However I'm sure William would make a better successor than Charles. He's always been a dingbat to me. He once said at the Princes Trust concert that nobody should be concerned if they ran off with all the money they raised because they had such a good time raising it.
    • Victorine
      He was joking, for God's sake. And yes, Parliament can alter the line of succession, though it will not do so. There is no reason to.
  • No. I think Parliament should do away with both royalty and nobility, legally requiring that such designations be PURELY nominal, such people having NO legal status or privileges beyond those enjoyed by the most common of commoners.
    • Victorine
      The nobility do not enjoy any special privileges these days. They have no special legal status. They can't even automatically serve in the House of Lords. And among royalty, only the monarch enjoys special status.
      That's contrary to what I read. For example: [[ ]] many members of the House of Lords are NOT nobility?
  • No, they are both as useless as chocolate teapots.

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