• Dinty Moore Stew
  • I love the taste of corn on the cob, but it gets between my teeth and I gotta have butter on it witch slimes my face when I eat it on the cob. Still it does taste better. I don't like green beans all that much, but I know someone who only likes Del Monte green beans right, Anoname? Other than that, just things I can't duplicate at home, like spaghetti o's and ravioli, or vienna sausages or potted meat. I don't eat those things anymore but I did like them. I also had to give up a lot of canned stuff because of the ridiculously high sodium content. Why does it cost more not to add salt? I understand the low sodium spices costing more, its a cheap filler! But canned veggies? Sometimes I have to get frozen just for that reason and that's more expensive.
    • bostjan64
      I have a guess why low sodium canned foods are more expensive. The added salt masks some of the "funkiness" that canned foods develop from being stuffed in liquid for eons. Without that masking, they probably have to be more selective about the quality of the ingredients. I've noticed at my grocer, that the low-sodium canned mushrooms cost the same as the regular ones, but the corn and green beans cost about ten cents more. Maybe mushrooms already taste funky without the added salt. Either that, or it might just be passing on the added cost of having a second preparation line on to the consumer.
    • Linda Joy
      I found no salt added corn online at WalMart but I had to buy a case of 12. It was less than .50 a can though so I bought it! Free delivery, too on orders over $35! AND I only had to lift it once to get it put away as opposed to the 6 times I would have had to lift it to get it put away if I'd gone there.
  • Well...the things that we normally can't get fresh, like . . . . #1 - Pringles . . . . #2 - Planter's Dry Roasted nuts (peanuts or Deluxe Mixed or cashews) . . . . #3 - Fruit and vegetable juices that come in a can, the ones that you normally can't find or make fresh. E.g. apple, tomato.
  • I love canned peaches in syrup. Fresh peaches are good, but the canned ones are great, IMHO.
  • I don't like canned stuff for the most part but, canned anchovies for sure. Those are so delicious. I hate canned food for the most part.

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