• That's easy. 1. Best concert - Symphony X circa 2005. The band sounded great and was full of energy. They were opening a show with several other bands and Megadeth was the headliner. When Symphony X finished their set, they came out into the audience for photos and whatnot. They were super down-to-Earth and me and my best bud got to talking with them and they were like "hey, you guys hungry?" and then took us out for pizza. 2. Worst concert - Peter Frampton circa 1996. I had high expectations, because Frampton's reputation for live shows was great in the 70's and early 80's. This was obviously way past that prime. Frampton himself was dressed like he was doing some work around the house (plain t shirt, jeans). I don't think anyone in the audience even recognized him when he came out from backstage without any fanfare and started noodling around on the guitar. When the band started playing behind him, I was shocked, but I was like "okay, I can get into this." Somewhere during the first song with the band, though, something pissed Frampton off, and he told the audience he was done and walked off stage. REO Speedwagon, who opened for him, came back out and reprised some of their hits. Good on them, but, honestly, I wasn't there to see them.
  • I went to an Eagles concert and Keith Urban and the Dixie Chicks were there, too.

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