• Maybe craigslist site. There's also Upwork and Fiverr apps. If you're new, you might want to start with a low rate until you pick up experience. But research it and be careful. Good luck
  • Here is the list that you can check out for the possible websites that may suit your niches or skills. Fiverr. Toptal. Freelancer. Upwork. Zeerk. Guru. PeoplePerHour. Goodluck on your journey!
  • I've tried hiring freelancers from three websites before (fiverr, freelancer, and upwork), and 4 times out of 5, there ends up being a critical problem. The problem is that no one trusts these sites three months after they launch, because none of them provide any guarantees to back up their freelancer's work, or, if they do, those guarantees are short of being effective. You're better off with an agency, but then most of those take a huge cut of your pay. Good luck.
  • Here are the sites for freelancing jobs: 1. Freelancer 2.Upwork 3. Craigslist 4. FlexJobs 5. LinkedIn ProFinder 6. Fiverr

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