• 8-4-2017 No comparison to Tom And Jerry.
  • I used to love ben and jerry ice cream. But then they sold the company, and in 2008 or 9, I bought some and to increase profit the new company had replaced the chunks of real chocolate and such with little tiny flecks. I was so disgusted I never bought their crappy product ever again, and I tell everyone who will listen not to. GREEDY CORPORATE JERKS RUINING A LOVED PART OF OUR CULTURE, FOR EVEN MORE PROFIT THAN THEY'VE ALREADY GOT. The worst kind of thief--> one who steals when he has no need.
  • But still, yes they sure used to be a treat. I loved the Chunky Monkey (which had banana and chocolate right?) and Cherry Garcia.
  • No but "Grey Goose" does! Aug. 12 2017

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