• We eat all whole grains incl whole wheat flour and corn and rye flour bread that I make. Though a local baker from whom we sometimes buy bread does put a small percentage of white flour in her rye bread and whole wheat seed bread.
    • Ice man
      So you bake your own. Cool. Thanks
    • officegirl
      Not all the time.
  • White bread. Just like the taste - especially toasted.
    • Ice man
      That's a hard habit to break. I sat in front of a big fat nurse/dietician who scolded me and explained why white was soooo bad. I noticed her lunch, in clear baggies, on the corner of her desk - 3 sandwiches .. all made with white bread.
    • Anoname
      I've heard that about white bread to. I'm still not giving it up, just like your nurse.
  • Multi-grain whether I buy it or make my own.
  • White bread.

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