• Yes. This reality takes place in my mind. In this alternate reality, my life is good and I'm happy. Nothing sucks like it does in real life.
  • no can't say i do. I wish my mind was that open, but then it would probably just fall into little tiny pieces.
  • Based on quantum physics, EVERY possibility, every starting possibility and ending possibility, every fork in the time line of the universe exist simultaneously across the fabric of the 5th + dimensions, the 4th being time. If you were to see yourself in the the 4th dimension, you would see a long snake from your birth to your death. We move through this dimension in the 3rd, like cross sections of a tree trunk, but millions of times a second every second, yes, somewhere in some reality you exist, in fact probably MANY you! some where your parents died when you were young, some when you did, some where you made it rich and some where you were drafted. Its all there in the shifting probability of chaos theory. Knowing this though, doesn't enable you to do anything differently. You cant cross the membrane between realities. At least not yet.
  • I don't know enough to say whether or not this is true. I have heard about this as a possibility. It is certainly an intriguing one, as I often find myself wondering how my life would be different today if I had done things a bit differently in the past...
  • Yep! Hope he's (they've) got a good job and no diabetes like me!
  • no but i do believe in alternate worlds/realities. books are a way to get there. :)
  • Modern quantum physics strongly suggests that they do exist. There is more and more evidence that the "many worlds" interpretation of quantum mechanics is not only plausible, but is correct, but, there is no proof at the moment. I believe it's very likely to be accurate though. In fact, every possible variation of our universe exists, including an alternate reality identical to ours except that one electron on Mars chooses a slightly different path. The two "you"s in the two realities will be identical, potentially from birth into death. Although I'd argue that in this case, in a deep philosophy of identity way, even though they exist in different universes, they are the same person, since they never have different experiences, and hence they share the same self.
  • Alternate realities are just that, alternate. An alternative to reality. Not our reality. Not real. It's like saying "Is there an alternative to breathing? Yes. Dying." Alternative realities are wonderful for philosophical discussions, and not much else. Call me when you find a portal and then we can talk about it.
  • not that i know of
  • Nope. I'm one in a million.

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