• Keep your mouth closed.
  • Try putting really yucky things on it... You don't really need to stop eating eat, just try to cut back. Every thing in moderation!
  • Maybe buy specialty breads.At health food stores,these are very small,and heavy loaves of bread.They will cause you to eat less of them,most likely one slice at a sitting.
  • Try to go on a raw vegan food diet
  • why should you stop? if you love bread, eat it!
  • Bread is amazing - don't stop eating if you love it but do it in moderation or change the type of bread you eat. The high glycemic index (refined sugar) found is white bread makes it very difficult for our bodies to digest, spikes the blood sugar level and often leaves us feeling bloated and tired. If you must eat bread everyday, try to eat whole grain bread, rye breads, whole wheat pitas, flatbread or whole wheat melba toast.
  • Mmmm bread! Don't stop eating it if you don't want to.

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