• And the year 2000. And 1984. And there is apparently one for like 2027 or some year like that. We haven't even hit 2012 yet and they already have a new one. It's prolly bullshit just like the others. God, people are dumb.
  • No. There's been a guy at the end of the high street with a panel marked, "The End of The World is Nigh" since I was 3.
  • No, the world ended yesterday. This is a new one. Do you like it?
  • Many people will die on that fateful day. But, of course, many babies will be born that day as well, and they'll grow up and live fruitful and productive lives just like their progenitors.
  • ummm, on 06.06.06, the anti-christ had his bar mitzvah. on 12.21.12 the anti-christ will graduate from college. i feel certain that he'll study law and political science. in the meantime, make today a wonderful day!
  • For jesusfreakos, hope springs eternal...THE END IS NEAR!

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