• Eating habits are instilled into us by our parents and peers. Blame them. +5
  • It's usually such a fast-paced life that it's easier for some to live on fast food between work and coordinating their childrens events. It becomes a habit too. Also, believe it or not; it's probably cheaper to eat at a fast food place than it is to cook at home using healthy alternative. So during times when the economy is in the toilet and so many people are out of work, they may see it as their only choice. Lots of reasons, really; but mainly thats how they learned.
  • Cause we know what yummy food is :)
  • Fast foods dude
  • Portion size! Stomach stretches and you always need more to satisfy your appetite.
  • Stress, anxiety or depression and extra value meals
  • Mainly because their food supply and distribution systems are owned and controlled and marketed to them by mega-corporations.
  • Health food stores and farmers markets shun poorer areas - many folks grow up eating what's cheap and fast and convenient - fast food and stuff you can buy at the corner liquor store/7-11... With richer people my theory is that we have so many choices and virtually unlimited resources and availability...too many.
  • because we love our hamburgers
  • Because junk food and fast food have all the things our brains like; sugar, fat, and salt. Humans spent a long time subsisting on what they could grow, hunt, and find. Finding enough to eat was hard, so our brains craved high calorie foods. [sweetness is a signal that fruit is ripe, fat is a great source of calories] We like salt too because you need it to survive and it isn't readily available in nature. So, put salty, sweet, and fatty together ta-da! You got something humans just love.
  • unhealthy? I had 2 2/3lb triple cheeseburgers for dinner. Is that unhealthy? cause if it is, i guess i'm just another number on your statistics:) Because it will take years for healthy eating to displace the unhealthy eating places, that have a firm grip on us.
  • It probably has to do with access to so many fast food places and a shortage of time. People are busy and in a hurry so they choose the easiest and fastest way to get dinner and lunch.
  • they way people live thier lives today in a fast paced world, time would seem like the main answer. and when they need to eat the fastest place to eat the better which means junk food, fast food, or sometimes no food..
  • Lovely foods like The new 900 calorie greasy burger at Mcdonalds in front of us!
  • Probably a matter of discipline and education. But you have quite similar problems in all western civilizations.
  • We are addicted to cheap and fast
  • The unhealthy food tastes really good.
  • Marketing and convenience, and government subsidies to industrial farming and ag companies.

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