• Moongrim
  • Evolution. The same arguments that are used to justify 'god' can also be used to justify the "Flying Spaghetti Monster".
    • beaker95
      She flew pasta my trailer last night......
    • Moongrim
      Such would explain the pasta sauce all over my car.
    • beaker95
      Why was your car outside my trailer last night....?
  • If you really wanted to know, you would have found the information already. It is easily found. But you already have your mind made up. I think you are looking for an arguement.
  • 1) I dont think there is any God. 2) I dont know how we got here. 3) If I did believe in God it would only add a recursion level to the question. Seing as how I still would not know how God got here. Was he created by God^2 ? 4) I do know that the creation stories of Christianity would be possible ONLY with a LOT of cheating/miracles. Including, but not limited to, most of the universe. regards JakobA
  • no one can answer that correctly
  • The only answer is Almighty God is real and He created Humans. Look at these subjects and see only God Almighty can take credit for designing creation and this planet so beautifully. ANTIFREEZE. Humans use glycol in car radiators as antifreeze. But certain microscopic plants use chemically similar glycerol to keep from freezing in Antarctic lakes. It is also found in insects that survive in temperatures of 4 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. There are fish that produce their own antifreeze, enabling them to live in the frigid waters of Antarctica. Some trees survive temperatures of 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit because they contain “very pure water, without dust or dirt particles upon which ice crystals can form.” UNDERWATER BREATHING. People strap tanks of air to their backs and remain under water for up to an hour. Certain water beetles do it more simply and stay under longer. They grab a bubble of air and submerge. The bubble serves as a lung. It takes carbon dioxide from the beetle and diffuses it into the water, and takes oxygen dissolved in the water for the beetle to use. CLOCKS. Long before people used sundials, clocks in living organisms were keeping accurate time. When the tide is out microscopic plants called diatoms come to the surface of wet beach sand. When the tide comes in the diatoms go down into the sand again. Yet in sand in the laboratory, without any tidal ebb and flow, their clocks still make them come up and go down in time with the tides. Fiddler crabs turn a darker color and come out during low tide, turn pale and retreat to their burrows during high tide. In the laboratory away from the ocean, they still keep time with the changing tide, turning dark and light as the tide ebbs and flows. Birds can navigate by sun and stars, which change position as time passes. They must have internal clocks to compensate for these changes. (Jeremiah 8:7) From microscopic plants to people, millions of internal clocks are ticking away. COMPASSES. About the 13th century C.E. men began to use a magnetic needle floating in a bowl of water—a crude compass. But it was nothing new. Bacteria contain strings of magnetite particles just the right size to make a compass. These guide them to their preferred environments. Magnetite has been found in many other organisms —birds, bees, butterflies, dolphins, mollusks and others. Experiments indicate that homing pigeons can return home by sensing the earth’s magnetic field. It is now generally accepted that one of the ways migrating birds find their way is by the magnetic compasses in their heads. DESALINATION. Men build huge factories to remove salt from seawater. Mangrove trees have roots that suck up seawater, but filter it through membranes that remove the salt. One species of mangrove, Avicennia, using glands on the underside of its leaves, gets rid of the excess salt. Sea birds, such as gulls, pelicans, cormorants, albatross and petrels, drink seawater and by means of glands in their heads remove the excess salt that gets into their blood. Also penguins, sea turtles and sea iguanas drink salt water, removing the excess salt. ELECTRICITY. Some 500 varieties of electric fish have batteries. The African catfish can produce 350 volts. The giant electric ray of the North Atlantic puts out 50-ampere pulses of 60 volts. Shocks from the South American electric eel have been measured as high as 886 volts. “Eleven different families of fishes are known to include species with electrical organs,” a chemist says.5 FARMING. For ages men have tilled the soil and tended livestock. But long before that, leaf-cutting ants were gardeners. For food they grew fungi in a compost they had made from leaves and their droppings. Some ants keep aphids as livestock, milk sugary honeydew from them and even build barns to shelter them. Harvester ants store seeds in underground granaries. (Proverbs 6:6-8) A beetle prunes mimosa trees. Pikas and marmots cut, cure and store hay. JET PROPULSION. Today when you fly in a plane you are probably being jet-propelled. Many animals are also jet-propelled and have been for millenniums. Both the octopus and the squid excel in this. They suck water into a special chamber and then, with powerful muscles, expel it, shooting themselves forward. Also using jet propulsion: the chambered nautilus, scallops, jellyfish, dragonfly larvae and even some oceanic plankton.
    • mushroom
      Yes, nature is fascinating, and we learn more from nature every day, and how to use these findings to make our lives better.
  • My Daddy entered my Mummy and ejaculated his semen up into her womb, where one of his sperm wriggled thru into one of her eggs and God did his magic bit and waved His wand and twelve months later I plopped out of my Mummy. Simples......
    • Keble Bolly-Jocksford
      Twelve months? That's a long time.
    • beaker95
      Tell me about it. I am still scarred today......
  • Do you know the meaning of life?
    • beaker95
      Yes. Have kids, bring them up, watch them go, die.....
    • Moongrim
      It's not to worship a god that's for sure.
  • Delete.
  • The answer to that is out there. It is readily available information that is just a google search away. We came from a natural process called evolution just like every living thing. And when you're ready you will learn about it, but it's up to you to do it :) And once you do, the god stuff will seem so silly.
  • We plopped out of our Mothers' vulvas.

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