• About 5 billion years...give or take...
  • It takes an average main stream star about 14 billion years to grow from birth into a white dwarf. Our sun is a little more then 4.5 billion years old. Sol still must grow for another 4.5 billion years. About a billion years after that the sun will expand into a Red Giant. Give another billion years and Sol will throw off its outer layers, forming a planetary nebula around its extremely hot core. This core will slowly cool and fade into a white dwarf, over the next 3 billion years. So, to sum it up, Sol will grow into a white dwarf in another 10 or so billion years.
  • maybe tomorrow.
  • keep staring
  • The English University of East Anglia researched the posibilty of other Intelligent Life in the Universe. (Highly unlikely is their conclusion.) The model includes the estimate that the nuclear fusion used to power our Sun, will last about another 1 Billion years. NASA says the Earth is about 4.5 Billion years old.

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