• 1) I was asked this question in a comment thread: 2) "As we all know, Sound is a longitudinal wave and thus cant be created in the absence of matter (i.e. air or water) or in just Vacuum. So, what exactly did sage VishwaMitra hear? My answer goes like this: Each object having any mass has a particular and unique resonant frequency. It is at this frequency at which the object will vibrate when force is applied on it. When the resonant frequency of 2 bodies close to each other match then vibration in one will cause vibration in the other too. This will cause efficient transfer of energy from the vibrating body to the inert one. This applies to the earth, Sun and the Milky Way Galaxy and any other thing, which has mass. But still no sound unless there is matter." However, they would have to be close enough that one could not speak of vacuum between them... "Stephen Hawking wrote in his “Brief History of Time”; when the Big bang theory is analyzed taking into consideration Einstein’s theory of relativity and the diminishing Doppler shift observed by Edwin Hubble; it can be understood that 95% of the mass of the Universe is filled with what scientists call ‘Dark Matter’. It’s the remaining 5% mass that composes the all the stars and galaxies. This also explains the diminishing speed of expansion after the Big bang. This matter is called ‘Dark’ since its presence and effect on all other observable bodies such as stars and galaxies through gravity and the Strong Nuclear force (2 out of the 4 forces defined by Einstein) can be observed. Yet we haven’t been able to directly detect the presence of this matter. My understanding is that when Vishwamitra’s mind reached the frequency of resonance of the Milky way, he was able to hear the vibrations made by it in the presence of the otherwise undetectable ‘Dark’ Matter. In this equilibrium he then acts as the receiver of energy from the Milky Way. He then declared that it was these vibrations that he felt physically (not through ears) and mentally as the sound of ‘OM’(that’s why it has only one syllable) . That is why he asks as to pray for the lights of the Stars (Suns or Savitur) and the Sound of OM(we have to try reaching that resonant frequency to receive the energy). No wonder Gayatri Mantra is declared as the giver of immense energy (Energy of 100,000 Suns-greater than any nuclear bomb). Here, there is a beautiful demonstration of the unification of in depth physics, mathematics and spirituality into one form. The form of the formless God." Source and further information (all quotes): 3) "The Bindu and the Raif. The bindu (Sanskrit, point), symbolizes each particle of existence. Each bindu is a catalyst for manifestation. It is also known as the Transcendental Point because each point of existence has intimate contact with the underlying Reality. The raif is the crescent moon-shaped symbol shown in the glyph (see previous diagram). It symbolizes the creative, expressive energy which is generated by or through each bindu, each particle. The raif represents the cosmic hum of the universe, the means by which Shiva (the Unmanifest, Consciousness or underlying Intelligence) can manifest through Shakti (Cosmic Energy) to create the world of multifarious objects which we perceive through the senses. This process takes place, continuously, moment to moment. In terms of quantum physics, we can say that each and every particle (atomic, sub-atomic or whatever) arises out of the Quantum Vacuum and thereby creates every `thing' in existence. The Sanskrit word raif means `to murmur'. Therefore, the Unmanifest `murmurs', so to say, into the manifest world of form through each and every bindu. The bindu is the blue-print and the raif is the creative energy. Together, they symbolize the ineffable relationship between the finite and the Infinite, between the part and the Totality, between the individual and the All, and between time and the Timeless. Modern quantum physics tells us that each particle of existence is instantaneously connected to every other particle. This is independent of time and space - which suggests that there is an underlying principle (David Bohm, the well known quantum physicist, called it the implicate order) which is beyond time and space and which unifies all things on a deeper level of reality. In Yoga we call this principle Consciousness. In the glyph of ? it is symbolized by the formless background on which the symbol is inscribed and by the ether from which the sound of Aum is created and to which it returns." "In the Vedas, each center of infinity is called bindu (see previous heading `The Bindu and the Raif'). Each monad, each particle of existence, is impregnated with energy and Consciousness. Each bindu is in intimate contact with every other bindu. Each bindu shares with the Totality and the Totality shares with each bindu. The Primordial Vibration, symbolized by Om, resonates through each of these infinite number of centers. By chanting Om (or any other mantra), we move from a state of extroversion and dissipation to a more introspective, harmonious state. Centering ourselves in Meditation, we are able to `touch' the bindu (the Transcendental Point, symbolized by the dot in the top of the Om symbol ?). Plunging through this Bindu (which exists everywhere), we can realize the nature of Reality. The Bindu of the Human Personality. Each and every embodied being is an expression of Shiva (Consciousness; underlying Reality) acting through the medium of Shakti (Energy; the Quantum Vacuum). As we have already said, each bindu (particle) of existence acts as a conduit for the flow of creative energy represented by the raif." Source and further information: 4) "The quality of a vacuum refers to how closely it approaches a perfect vacuum. The residual gas pressure is the primary indicator of quality, and is most commonly measured in units called torr, even in metric contexts. Lower pressures indicate higher quality, although other variables must also be taken into account. Quantum theory sets limits for the best possible quality of vacuum, predicting that no volume of space can be perfectly empty. Outer space is a natural high quality vacuum, mostly of much higher quality than can be created artificially with current technology. Low quality artificial vacuums have been used for suction for many years." "Outer space has very low density and pressure, and is the closest physical approximation of a perfect vacuum. It has effectively no friction, allowing stars, planets and moons to move freely along ideal gravitational trajectories. But no vacuum is truly perfect, not even in interstellar space where there are still a few hydrogen atoms per cubic centimeter. Stars, planets and moons keep their atmospheres by gravitational attraction, and as such, atmospheres have no clearly delineated boundary: the density of atmospheric gas simply decreases with distance from the object. The Earth's atmospheric pressure drops to about 1 Pa (10-3 torr) at 100 km of altitude, the Kármán line which is a common definition of the boundary with outer space. Beyond this line, isotropic gas pressure rapidly becomes insignificant when compared to radiation pressure from the sun and the dynamic pressure of the solar wind, so the definition of pressure becomes difficult to interpret. The thermosphere in this range has large gradients of pressure, temperature and composition, and varies greatly due to space weather. Astrophysicists prefer to use number density to describe these environments, in units of particles per cubic centimetre. But although it meets the definition of outer space, the atmospheric density within the first few hundred kilometers above the Kármán line is still sufficient to produce significant drag on satellites. Most artificial satellites operate in this region called low earth orbit and must fire their engines every few days to maintain orbit. The drag here is low enough that it could theoretically be overcome by radiation pressure on solar sails, a proposed propulsion system for interplanetary travel. Planets are too massive for their trajectories to be affected by these forces, although their atmospheres are eroded by the solar winds. All of the observable universe is filled with large numbers of photons, the so-called cosmic background radiation, and quite likely a correspondingly large number of neutrinos. The current temperature of this radiation is about 3 K, or -270 degrees Celsius or -454 degrees Fahrenheit." "In quantum mechanics, the vacuum is defined as the state (i.e. solution to the equations of the theory) with the lowest energy. To first approximation, this is simply a state with no particles, hence the name. Even an ideal vacuum, thought of as the complete absence of anything, will not in practice remain empty. Consider a vacuum chamber that has been completely evacuated, so that the (classical) particle concentration is zero. The walls of the chamber will emit light in the form of black body radiation. This light carries momentum, so the vacuum does have a radiation pressure. This limitation applies even to the vacuum of interstellar space. Even if a region of space contains no particles, the cosmic microwave background fills the entire universe with black body radiation. An ideal vacuum cannot exist even inside of a molecule. Each atom in the molecule exists as a probability function of space, which has a certain non-zero value everywhere in a given volume. Thus, even "between" the atoms there is a certain probability of finding a particle, so the space cannot be said to be a vacuum. More fundamentally, quantum mechanics predicts that vacuum energy will be different from its naive, classical value. The quantum correction to the energy is called the zero-point energy and consists of energies of virtual particles that have a brief existence. This is called vacuum fluctuation. Vacuum fluctuations may also be related to the so-called cosmological constant in cosmology. The best evidence for vacuum fluctuations is the Casimir effect and the Lamb shift.[18] In quantum field theory and string theory, the term "vacuum" is used to represent the ground state in the Hilbert space, that is, the state with the lowest possible energy. In free (non-interacting) quantum field theories, this state is analogous to the ground state of a quantum harmonic oscillator. If the theory is obtained by quantization of a classical theory, each stationary point of the energy in the configuration space gives rise to a single vacuum. String theory is believed to have a huge number of vacua - the so-called string theory landscape" Source and further information:
  • Excellent and wonderful research. THANKS to iwnit and Suby:) My best wishes and regards.
  • It's not a true audible sound, although it seems like it when you "hear" it. I don't know what Tibetans, or the indigenous people of Australia say, but the "sound" is very close to the sound they produce with those long horns, or a didgeridoo (minus the fancy rhythms) The tone is pretty close to right. And yup, it's everywhere. It's also not something you listen for, you just become aware of it. You'll know it if it happens. You'll feel a strong sensation of being drawn into it, becoming a part of it, although you're not being drawn anywhere or "becoming" it's always going on. I call it blending. I'm a bit hesitant to post this, because of the way this sounds, and I'm not familiar with the teachings of these two groups of people. I just know they're close to making that everything "sound". Whether they do or not, I don't know. I haven't looked into it. Well, here goes. I'll watch for the men with the funny long sleeved jackets. =0b...
  • I think it is rather a misconception to be this literal about scripture. When the bible say the words "let there be light" before *anyting* (matter,space,energy) even existed that does not generate a necessity for that nonexistent matter to vibrate. It just means that 'say' as we understand it today does not really correspond to that saying. Actually even today 'say' does not necessarily mean that matter is set to vibrate. I try to 'say' something with this post, yet throughout writing it I have not uttered a single word. ;-)) regards JakobA

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