• yes she does its called "Wake Me Up Inside"
  • yes the song called "Bring Me To Life"
  • Most people like both of them and would wish this, but as far as I could fing, they did not. "But i agree that if Linkin Park and Evanescence would work on somethin it would rock!!" "What would be great is if Linkin Park and Evanescence worked on a song together. That'd be awesome!" Source(2004): "no....evanescence and lp dont have a song together.... neither of these artists have collaborated so far..... but i would love to see them singing and performing together.... " Source (2007):
  • no no no!! definitely not!
  • Bring me to life is with PaulMccoy, the singer of 12 Stones Evanescence did not have a song with linkin park, only amy lee with Korn (Freak on a Leash)and Seether (Broken)
  • Yes, one of my favorite songs....
  • What is with all the misinformation here? The song is called 'Bring Me To Life' from Fallen, and it wasn't with Linkin Park, it was with Paul McCoy from 12 Stones. Linkin Park is really kewl, it would be freaking awesome to have Ev collaborate with them, but please get your facts straight. Or I will yell at you.
  • Ok, I know this has already been established but Evanescence did absolutely not do a collaboration with Linken Park. Bring me to life (yes, it is bring me to life, not wake me up inside) was sang with Paul McCoy from the band 12 Stones. Please at least try to get your facts straight. I know the male vocalist may SOUND a bit like someone from Linken Park, but he is not. I feel sorry for Paul McCoy for having all of his credit taken by another band.

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