• Go to the La Fonda in Santa Fe--but HURRY before the balloon fiesta comes to Albuquerque next weekend-so you must go during the week. Better-less crowded. When I was working I would go there twice a year, alone, for weekends. Park the car-walk the town, enjoy the food and art. For all the hype, Santa Fe (The City Different) is an interesting and cultural town. Go ahead-make those reservations--and Enjoy!
  • Detroit Michigan ;)
  • Chicago. Awesome place, restaurants, shows, and just going to sit on the beach on lake shore drive. Millenium park and Grant park . Concerts in the summer at night . Lots to do. Being in the city kinda does not let you be lonely.
  • To rest? Some small out-of-the-way place by the ocean. Where the motel rooms are a little line of cottages. If youre not near the ocean, find another place like a lake or big river.
  • Somewhere near a lake or the ocean, a small place that you can sleep in peace to the rhythm of the water. Some local diners that have good cooking may take the stress off of you to cook as well my friend. Hope you feel better.
  • Vermont is nice this time of the year.
  • I think you should go to a nice quiet resort in the Poconos in PA. It's funny, I was at a Bed & Breakfast in Staten Island many years ago for a night after a wedding and because there was no lock on the door, I basically slept with one eye open. Make sure wherever you go has locks on the doors.
  • The Buffalo River. Arkansas.
  • Try one of these:
  • Take a train trip across the country and fly home. take a three day cruise to some islands. take the greyhound bus across the country. rent a room in a local hotel with a pool and spa. just stay home.
  • I'd go to the mountains. In fact, I think I will.
  • how about an unforgettable spa experience? massages. pampering. relaxation. incredible staff. greenbriar is one of my favorite spas closeby to my home. its in white sulphur springs, west virginia. theres lots of outdoor activities as well (golf, fly fishing, horseback riding, falconry, you name it, they got it...and its tucked in a spectacularly gorgeous wooded mountainous setting. its just a stones throw from new york...

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