• Insects are drawn to chemicals in your body. Usually healthy people will find that insects will eat them up if given the chance where as sick people insects will avoid.
  • that's hilarious! I dont know. Can they smell fear?
  • Maybe it's because you are so sweet
  • They obviously mistake you for an actual pansy! Nah, I'm joking. Funnily enough, I have exactly the same issue!
  • Are you certain they are chasing you? Bees as in honey bees - will not sting a person or anything until provoked. They will 'investigate' a person - fly close to the individual, catch a scent and if the person smells interesting even land to investigate further. Bees outside of the hive are on a two prong mission - find food - find nearby potential enemies. Usually the ones that fly around you investigating are 'scouts' while the others that are going to and from flowers are collectors. For a bee to sting a person means a terrible threat - one that will result in the bee's death - their stinger will be left behind and they will die. Wasps on the other hand are not as picky - they can multiple sting without losing their stinger. A few varieties do all sorts of jobs, and once again their main investigation is food ad enemies. If not provoked they usually do not attack. 2 things attract bees and wasps (wasps that enjoy nectar not the ones that eat meat) Sweet scents as in the smell of flowers and bright colors - as in the bright colors of flowers. We humans use flowery scents in many products from laundry soap to deodorants, hairsprays even smelly waters which we purposefully use to make ourselves 'stink pretty'. These scents will draw in more nectar lovers especially if there are few food flowers around. Some - not all - humans naturally smell 'sweet' they will be investigated more often by wasps and bees. Usually the scent investigation leads to a visual investigation. Unfortunately bees and wasps do not have far distance vision, their vision is best a few feet from their target - the long distance vision is blurred color. They need to get close up to 'see' clearly what it is they are investigating. Most bees and wasps will be more fearful of you since you are so huge to them, they will not attack unless you poise a threat to them or their hive/colony.
  • You're probably sweet like honey! Awwwww. Anyway, I stepped on a wasp once... that wasn't pleasant...have never been stung by a bee. What used to be the bane of my existence was mosquitos..good golly, miss molly, they loved me! :(
  • Human body gives off a hormone when we are afraid and bees/wasps have a VERY strong sense for that smell. They can literally smell fear, even when you tell yourself you're not afraid of them, they will smell it. So unless you can talk yourself out of being afraid of them, it's gonna happen a lot. I used to get stung at least once a month when I was a kid :(

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