• I don't think that's possible
  • them?? or alter them with velcro first
  • Velcro sides? It would be somewhat like Jennifer Beals taking her bra off in Flashdance (I believe that was the star and movie), while leaving on her shirt... The pant's would have to be REAL baggy, and the underwear REAL loose. Pull a leg up into the pants, and slip the underwear off that side. Put the leg back through. Then, you could do the same on the other side, or slide it down the leg and take it off at the (other) foot.
  • They don't put their pants on to begin with. =P
  • Dress like this I suppose;)
  • Oooh you need really stretchy underwear and really baggy pants. Then you fish up in the outside leg of the pants until you can grab the underwear on the hip. Then you pull down , pull it over your foot and let it p'twang back up the inner leg. Do the same both sides and you will have a ball of underwear in your crotch but not on your person. Fumble and yank, from waistband or leg, as desired. Ta-naa!!
  • give me 5 beers and I'll show you how.
  • Flexibility, practise, and loose clothing.
  • If they are really stretchy, you could reach down and pull one leg off through the pant leg over your foot, then the other leg off in the other pant leg over that foot, then pull them out of the pants.

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