• Yes. Women often prefer it and usually the parents choose whether or not to do it.
  • i think it should be done.first off it helps the penis b more sanitary and when the little one gets old enough to have intorcourse its easer to do it without having to keep pulling the excess skin back. i find uncircumsized penises to b a major turn off. they look like bananas lol. one of my brothers is 18 and the other is 19 and the younger one has his circumsized and the older one doesnt. from what i hear the older one wants to get his done beacuse the gurls dont like his uncircumsized penis. yeah im noosey i snoop on my bros conversations lol. but tell shush lol
  • Many people are of faiths that do not support circumcision. There is room for more infection if it is not done but with good hygiene there should not be a problem. Not all women have a preference either way. My fiance' is circ'd but I would be with him either way.
  • No. My old man is 42 and is still mad that it was done to him. He has a fastback and would like a convertible. My father was circumcized when he was 28 years old because a doctor told him that it needed to be done. I don't know if the doctor was right. A gal I know had a baby boy. She got cancer and died when her son was 4. Her sister who is taking care of the nephew with her parents wanted to have the boy circumcized. I strongly discouraged her from going against her sister's wishes just to suit her own visual preference of what a penis should look like. I have no idea if the boy was snipped but now he is 9 years old and I don't think he wants anyone messing with his favorite plaything.
  • i have been with both and as a woman it does not matter to me. however my husband has his forskin and he uses it when masterbating. i have held the forskin back while he masterbated and he said he prefers to use the forskin
  • Circumcision cuts infectibility by HIV by at least one third according to government studies--National Institutes of Health--in Uganda, Kenya, and the Republic of South Africa completed in 2006. It is so effective that the government refused to continue the double-blind studies and instead urged the uncircumcised participants to get circumcised.
  • I think it's worthless, it's a non sense mutilation. I'm uncircumcised and my kids are too. Sanitary wise, we all have other places harder to keep clean and we all manage to keep them clean, a clean man will keep his penis clean no matter if it is cut or not.
    • mushroom
      Some people claim circumcision is mutilation, however, in modern clothes-wearing civilization, there is no need to protect the penis with the extra skin. Also, without good hygiene, particularly in parts of the world where clean water is not readily available, there is some evidence that circumcision reduces the spread of infection.
  • One thing we know for sure is that the babies can't decide.
  • Do it! Circumcision reduces the spread of aids, women whose partners are uncircumcised have higher incidences of cervical cancer. Sometimes uncircumcised boys are prone to infection and circuncision reduces this (a friends son got it done at 6, that must have hurt!) Then personally there's the look, well, I prefer circumcised.
  • had it done aged 6 against wishes,went for forskin retoration when 20 now 30 and happy.never had infection with or without. should be choice of the one who has to live with it.So called medical reasons usually parents or doctors pushing there own agenda
  • Also, you lose protection from the elements and the glans rub up against clothing, causing that part to be desensitized. Women tend to want circumcised men simply because they have heard that they last longer. It does not prevent or cause premature e. That's a psychological issue, not a part of the body issue. Also, women don't realize that by circumcizing their men, the lifespan of a sex life is decreased. As one gets older the man doesn't feel as much. Uncircumcising limits the sensation loss. One more thing/stupid joke I keep hereing, which many find so funny...A boy who closes the zipper on his foreskin is better off than a boy who closes his zipper on his glans, which would hurt much worse. It's also unlikely.
  • That part of the body is as clean as the person who cleans themselves. It isn't a parent's issue. It's a personal issue. Circumcision is one of the overly done surgeries. In the 70's researchers in Canada, US and all over Europe found that the surgury had no medical benifits. There are alternatives. For a tight foreskin, it can be relieve through skin tention and/or a perscripted cream. There is also a prepuceplasty, which does't involve removing the foreskin to relieve those problems. Having had a reconstruction, I can say that sex is better. It is because the glans are protected by the foreskin and sensation have come back which I never thought were possible. However, I won't be able to get the ridged band or the frenulum back, which are some of the most sensitive part of the penis. I don't have any feeling in that area because of the damage and the infection due to the surgury. Also, I still have the scar.... The foreskin doesn't cause HIV. Bad hygene and unsafe sex practices do. Don't just ask if it's safer or cleaner. As how and why. Then, ask what the advantages are. Always think twice!
  • I'd never circumcise my son. I don't see any reason for it - the lower risk of AIDS infection is only shown in certain African countries (and I would teach him safer sexual practices anyway), it takes away a very large amount of sensitivity, it can botch up, it's cruel and painful (ever seen one done? barbaric and unnecessary), etc etc. A circumcision does not make it more 'clean'. Boys do not need to clean under the foreskin until they are around four (in fact the foreskin is attached to the shaft like a fingernail to the nailbed when they are young) and then you simply have to teach them that that is another area to wash. Most of the men in my life are uncircumcised and none of them have ever had a bladder infection.
  • I don't use the word "circumcision" to refer to female genital mutilation; and the prepuce is an eminently disposable part of the male body. Equating a worthless flap of skin to the female breast, which was absolutely essential to human survival until the mid-nineteenth century, is so absurd it calls the rest of the writer's opinion into serioius question.
  • where do u get circcumsized
  • I think it should be left up to the dude to make the desision weather he should be cut or not. it is a practice manily in the US not as much in europe. IF all the rumors about STD and infections and cancer were true there would be alot more being done in Europe curtdude
  • CIRCUMSISION! - im circumsized. - i think uncircumsized dicks are gross and so do most women - i am very glad to have been circumsized as a baby because if I wasnt ... it would hurt like a bitch to get it now (and i would) there you go, dont listen to the other people. poor babies would blame their parents and hate that ugly thing on the crotch that looks like a chinese egg role. And also, if your read the bible, god saaid to someone that he and all his sons were to be circumsized in the name of god, if they truely believed in him its a sign of christianty/catholicism
  • I can't think of anything worse than having the head of my penis constantly rubbing against my shorts.
  • The person getting circumcised should decide. Which means that he has to be old enough to choose what should happen to his own body. It shouldn't be done to him as an infant without his permission.
  • Recent studies have shown that circumcised penises are 50% MORE likely to give AIDS to their partner. Circumcision only reduces men getting AIDS from women. So who do we throw under the bus? How about we all have protected sex and nobody gets AIDS? And for your information, troyjohnny, circumcision is a covenant between Jewish men and God. The Apostle Paul says in the New Testament that men should not circumcise themselves anymore because JESUS is our new covenant with God. We are saved by FAITH, not by the skin of our penis. Peter proclaimed circumcision an unbearable yoke that we no longer must suffer for salvation. If you want to promote circumcision, do it on your own. I think God is getting pretty tired of being blamed for it. We are created in His image, so apparently God is uncircumcised, too. Even the Pope says not to do it, so that shows what you know. Irisibis, you're an angel. I'm so tired of women saying how yucky it looks. What is it supposed to be watched like a TV or something? Just enjoy it, ladies! It's not a dog and pony show.
  • I think it should only be done for medical reasons,there is no reason to have it done other wise,i have no preference it makes no difference. Also if you teach your sons how to wash their privates at a early age,its just as clean without having this done. If the skin wasnt surpose to be there youd be born without it.
  • i think the parents should decide

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