• i strongly believe in that...
  • No. You should move on as soon as the relationship is over. Don;t lead your S/O to believe that you're still with him or her when the show is over. - Try being with yourself for a few months. you'll learn that you are not the person you thought you were. This goes for all of us.
  • NO. I waited to start dating for over a year and to re-marry for 5 years. I moved on a long time before I found someone else to be interested in. If fact, I didn't want to be personal with females for quite some time.
  • Yeah I find some truth in it. I can "move on" or whatever, but all feelings of the past disappear when I meet someone new.
  • Certainly not..I don't rely on other people to make me whole, make me happy or make me content. You have to do that all by yourself or else there is always the possibility that you are "using" this somebody else to do it for you..and that's not fair! :)
  • Yes and no, depends on how much you have been committed to the last relationship. But surely a new person can help you move on more easily.
  • Yes.. I need to find the right man.. I want to move on ...No I can't.
  • Yes... I stayed in a relationship longer than I should have... and when I said we are done... I didn't care anymore!!! I was done!! But it does help to have someone or something occupy the time that was once took up by your ex!!!
  • Yes and no, depends on how much you have been committed to your last relationship. But surely you can move on more easily when you find that new one.

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