• My guess would be because women know that generaly men cheat more than women.
  • Because women are more conscious about their looks, and know that their men look at other women, and probably porn too, so it's only natural for them to be more conscious about it. I wouldn't worry though hun. If I'm your man (which I'm gonna put myself in that lucky position for a minute,) I'm not going ANYWHERE.
  • Is this true of religious muslim men? I thought they were very possessive to the extent of seeing women as owned objects. kindly develop or elaborate on this.
  • I feel that they get jealous on the same levels but act on it, and even recognize it more differently. I think for most girls keeping and getting a guy is pretty competive (chances are there are other girls that want your man)and more times then not girls will have alot of image problems to go along with a situaiton that could be stressful. Guys, when they get jealous, deal with things slightly more differently, atleast from what I noticed, its almost more subtle. But they feel it just as bad. I may go as far to say that they deal with it better, but I'm partial to guys (alot of brothers).
  • I feel it all depends on the two in the relationship and their past experiences. i dont think one sex is more then the other. it just might seem that way based on the people you know
  • Often men are more confident.
  • It is part of the punishment that God gave Eve as a result of her disobedience. All women have inherited this imperfection that is written in Genesis 3:16 which says, in part, “and your longing will be for your husband, and he will dominate you“.
  • Men aren't jealous? What planet are you from?

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