• Ok, thongs are not cool.
  • You only live once. Get a pair of each kind and see what you like. Though opinions vary, most commonly girls only think of thongs on girls, and therefore don't dig the idea of it on a guy, because of it's association of femininity. I got one out of curiosity, and my girlfriend thought just that at first, but said it's growing on her (no pun intended). But to answer your question, if they're well made, with a good material, yes, they're really comfortable. It's almost like going commando with support.
  • Hi there, looks like your question has not been anwsered so i will. Thongs are very comftable as long as you get the right size and style for you, as for feel the narrower the string that goes up ur backside the less you feel. Thongs are way better than boxers cause they dont bunch and they have good support ne way try them its only underwear after all.
  • Um...I'm pretty sure thongs and briefs feel totally different. Have someone give you a wedgie in your briefs, and then you'll know what a thong feels like.
  • I have been wearing thongs made guys for several years, I find that a properly fitting thong is much more comfortable than briefs/tightey whities or that baggy crap. KMarts sells Joe Boxer and Fruit of the Loom brands, both are very comfortable. Years ago I found hard to criticize when I never tried one on, I tried them and never went back to briefs/tightey whities or that baggy crap. If you are worried about what other think, remember this “Who is going to want to see you in, or see your underwear anyhow” so who care what other think.
  • I wear womens thongs daily. It took wearing them a few times to get used to them. Now I find them very comfortable. They are not too similar to wearing briefs as they do not ride up.
  • Yes, thongs are very comfortable, but it is important to get the right size and buy a quality garment.

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