• If your in a relationship with someone, meaning your their bf/gf and theyre yours, and you going on dates with other ppl besides that person then yes. When your in a relationship you saying that your going to be with that person and only that person, not have other ppl on the side.
  • no, just make sure all parties involved are fully aware, and consent communnication is vital in any relationship
  • (dunno how my first answer wasnt helpful but)If your casually dating ppl then no its obviously not cheating because your not commited to one person. until you make it official with one person then its not cheating if your seeing other people.
  • Not unless you are in a committed relationship. Of course, it depends on what you mean by "cheating" and what you mean by "casual dating." I find that men and women have distinct, different interpretations of what is meant by "casual dating." For this reason, I will translate: Men "Causal Dating" = Going out with as many girls as I feel like going out with, having sex with as many of them as I can without getting caught by the others, and feeling good about myself because, "hey, she never asked, so I never lied." Women "Causal Dating" = Going out with 2-5 guys [5 guys is for the slutty ones who will probably sleep with the "Men" above], and getting to know them better before I make any real decision about who or what is important to me. They get to take me out and show me what they're made of. It's fairly risk-free, since I know they have the exact same definition of "casual dating" as I have. The problem between the sexes is not that we are deceitful, but rather because we apply the word "casual" to different things. Women see dating as "casual" if they don't take the PERSON seriously. Men see dating as "casual" if they don't take the SEX seriously. "Cheating" is such a big topic to cover, I won't even begin to address it here.
  • No. Cheating is when a couple has an agreement that they will remain monogamous, and one (or both) break that agreement without the consent of the other partner.
  • IMHO casual dating does not imply exclusivity. On the other hand if you're dipping your stick in any hole that will let you, you don't meet my dating standards. To each their own.
  • i dont think so

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