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  • I would be rather surprised if they did ask this question. The answer to it would be rather controversial as the various adherents to Christianity would all claim that the particular translation they use is the most accurate.
  • I saw this episode on a re-run one weekend. I had heard about it prior to viewing. I am a JW. The question was in regards to the actual WORD FOR WORD translation. According to Jeopardy, the NWT has the translation that many language scholars have agreed most accuratley represents the ACTUAL Words in the original texts. Many say that the NWT doesn't translate the "meaning" of the bible. A translation of an ancient text shouldn't try to translate meaning, since we are all biased on that matter. however you cannot have much bias when you only translate a text word for word without inferring your ideas into the text.
  • when was it on jeopardy
  • Don't know about "Jeopardy" but I've looked for years for a really TRUE translation and did find one, called an 'interlinear' shows the original language and right about it, a word-for-word interpretation....available in both OT and NT.....of course it doesn't read 'pretty' like the overrated KJV, but it's at least the REAL language, which is what I think you'd wanna read instead of all the 'thee' and 'thou' nonsense i the KJV..............but it's still a debate nevertheless.....I figure you could spend years trying to find 'the best' but for me this was it......
  • The New World Translation is NOT accurate. I'd think the correct answer might be the 1611 King James.
    • Texasescimo
      Why would you think that? ____ Did you now that the original 1611 KJV had the apocrypha in it? ____ Have you ever seen a copy of the actual 1611 KJV? ____It's language and spelling is more similar to William Tyndale's Bible than the 1769 Version that most people use. _____ ____ ___ Mark 16:17-18 And these signes shal follow them that beleeue, In my Name shall they cast out deuils, they shall speake with new tongues, 18They shall take vp serpents, and if they drinke any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them, they shall lay hands on the sicke, and they shall recouer.
  • Don't know that it really was for sure.

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