• walking, twice a day for fourty minutes each time. it speeds up your metabolism so you lose weight while you sleep. you cant dilly dally walk either, you have to push off and speed walk. twenty minutes out and twenty minutes back. more if you like it.
  • Believe it or not I've seen Tai Chi students lose 3x the weight of Kung-fu students so there must be something with the Tai chi. +2
  • Get a healthy eating habit. Eat whenever you are hungry, eat slowly and stop eating as soon as you feel full. Do a sport you like but make sure that you won't quit cause if you do you will gain back your weight and this time it will be even harder to lose it.
  • climbing stairs. up and down. in a building. in bleachers. steps up a hill. they build muscles that increase metabolism that burns fat while you sleep.
  • Sofia, Sofia, Sofia. Why are so many people looking for the "quick and easy" way out? Listen, weight-gain was not a quick process for you, even though it was propbably extremely easy. You didn't gain a lot of extra (or unwanted) weight overnight, so why should you expect to get rid of it overnight? Getting out of shape is a gradual process, and so is getting into shape (or getting back into shape). Many people who seek the easy way out never succeed, because when they don't see immediate results, they assume the process isn't working, and they give up. A proper mental attitude is the first step in achieving any worthwhile goal. I can't stress how important it is to be patient, also. If being in shape and staying in shape were easy, then almost everyone would do it. Lounging on the couch stuffing tater-tots and grape soda into your face is easy, practically painless, and at least for a while, fun. Looking at that in a mirror can be difficult, painful and is no fun at all. People, make a decision to do something physical at least 3 times a week, as a start. Over time, increase not only the type of exercise, but also the amount of time and the intensity. Don't go it alone is a big mistake; if you're not self-motivated to improve, you'll never get anywhere working alone. One great way to do it is to join some type of group (not necessarily a gym, because for-pay gyms THRIVE on out-of-shape people who buy memberships but eventually stop attending). Lastly, there's no particular one-size-fits-all "best exercise". We're all different, and so are our environments and the opportunities available to us. You'll really do best to ask your doctor (I know it sounds like a TV commercial, but it's true and effective). Your age, gender, medical condition, and physical ability/agility are also important factors. Some exercise is 100% free; others can be costly. I'd heard that swimming is a great all-body workout, and I'd love to swim more, but for personal/medical reasons, I cannot. Write back in a few weeks, and then again in a few months to let us all know how you're doing.
  • Running.
  • Nothing is easy. You have to work at it. What's easy for me is weight lifting and Tylenol.
  • Never easy Sofia - Run on the beach with cleats and tons of crunches! Other that that hire a personal trainer! +5 Good luck, Jonathan
  • That depends what you mean by quick!! Best exercises for weight loss are any cardio workouts..such as running, cycling, swimming...
  • the big three.running,cycling and swimming.i'd say for low impact try swimming.
  • To my knowledge there is no quick and easy way to lose weight. But if your body can handle it, running really burns those calories. If not, brisk walking for at least 40 minutes a day is good, too. Combined with a modified eating plan, of course. :-) +5
  • Running burns fat and shapes the body real fast ! I jogged all summer around 4 times a week and now I feel even too skinny lol.

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