• It takes a strong person to do something about their problems, so I would say definitely not.
  • It takes a strong person to seek counseling for things that are troubling them and they cant get over alone.
  • No it is a sign of strength to admit they need help and willing to seek it out. I consider a weakness being in denial of ones limitations.
  • Ah, no.
  • I don't know if you ever "get over" your past. Perhaps counciling may help you deal/live with your past.To answer your question, asking for help is a sign of strenth not weakness.
  • Not at all. A person usually needs some courage to go to counseling. They are admitting they have a problem and taking action to do something about it.
  • It's not healthy to keep things bottled up inside for such a long time. You will become a stronger person by confronting your fears, and couciling is definitly a way forward, I think.
  • No. Counciling is ther to help a person not make them feel worse than they did. Growing up with Epilepsy depressed me enough to see one until I was able to overcome the depression. It was either that or suicide and I chose the counselor.
  • We all need each other, how wonderful to have someone help you through your past so you can have a fresh start on your future!:) Good Luck!!!!
  • No it's the opposite. If someone needs help and doesn't seek it because of feeling they will be considered weak or crazy etc then that is what makes them weak. It takes a very strong person to admit they need help and then to go out and seek it. I think I am gonna take that advice myself and finally see a grief counselor to help me deal with my feeling so guilty over the death of my sweetheart.
  • Not at all. An objective third party professional can offer many suggestions on how to make right our past.
  • That depends on if the person is really looking to get over what happened.
  • no, the fact that they're willing to ask for help shows that they are strong.
  • quite the opposite, its quite gutsy to face your past and be willing to work through it. i commend anyone who does it and actually recommend everyone to do the same.
  • We all feel sorry for ourselves sometimes - and sometimes that feeling just won't go away. It is within your gift to decide how you deal with things that happen in your life but sometimes the anguish is just too big to deal with alone - weakness is giving in and letting the anguish take over. A strong, courageous and genuine person will choose the counselling - just being able to talk to someone else is great therapy and may be exactly what you need to help you put things in perspective. As for your mother - maybe she feels a little guilty that she couldn't be the one to counsel you and that she has somehow failed in her nurturing role. Good luck.
  • It can mean a person is weak but so what? It shows strength to admit that you have a problem that you cannot handle alone. Note that whether you have a problem or not depends to a large extent on how you perceive it. A good counsellor may help you see the problem in a different light, that it's not so bad after all. Know that the counsellor's job is to lead a person to finding his/her own solution for the problem. He cannot solve the problem for you. Part of the difficulty is implementing the solution. Another point to remember is that counselling is not cheap. Get the most out of each session or you'll be wasting your money.
  • sweet it takes a strong person to admit they need help.. i never could and probably never will. stick at it honey i hope you manage to sort your problems out i know i didnt help and i'm sorry..
  • absolutely not. everybody needs help. its probably doing you more harm than good if you tell yourself you can handle it.
  • No, it means they had the guts to recognize their limitations & were honest with themselves about it. Some people can cope with their problems on their own just fine, but everyone's different. It takes strength to know what you can and can't do on your own.
  • That's what close minded people would have you believe. In my opinion, it shows that you are taking the initiative to better yourself.
  • yes and no because there a lot of people you could talk to to get several opinions like ab for example... a free site that gives advise from as many people who think they are knowledgeable on your question or comment category. i think you can get a lot off your chest and a lot in your mind as to how others feel about certain topics before you decide to waste money on a trained professional because many of them are trained to get you to come back for more rather than helping the problem right away!

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