• A truly nice guy who says nice things to and about me me - and means it
  • clothing: wife beaters. no clue why, but i love them. especially on a guy with nice arms and good abs *blushes* or musicians. hands down i love em
  • For some reason, swiming with clothes on. Don't ask me why. But it can't be planned, it just sort of has to happen. Makes me want to kiss the woman I'm swiming with and that leads to other stuff. Sort of a domino effect.
  • G'day LuckyLefty, Thank you for your question. A sexy intelligent woman. Regards
  • Well as a gay guy, a guy in boxers where you can see 'it' move around......whoa!!!! also guys with nice butts.......any age, any race, they can all have'em.....not just the younger ones!! LOL.......anyway, when a guy with a nice butt has his shirt untucked and when he walks along you can see each beautiful cheek outlined, one at a time..........whoa!! again............ .....and one more: guys wearing briefs where their pants are so tight you can see the outline of the briefs showin' thru........oooooooooooooo!!

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