• Waffle house seems to be the busiest place late at night and i have seen it packed, like waiting in line type of packed, so i would say past the limit drunk people usually don't care about sitting on the floor
  • My favorite entertainment is to go to the waffle house or whatever on friday or saturday night and watch them. I do not drink, but I enjoy the humor and joke with them.
  • Too many! The night Boyz in the Hood played on cable our Waffle House was so full people couldn't even get to the register! There were lots of angry blacks in there and then we had the pub drunks in there singing what you going to do when they come for you! Before you know it chaos broke out! We were already short a cook and a waitress to begin this shift and two more waitresses walked out during the shift. I was actually thanked by upper management for staying through the whole ordeal the next morning. Even the security guard said he wasn't going to come back if there weren't two of them the next time.

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