• Wanting to broaden your pathways and to expand and develop your career. This is why you applied for this particular job as you think that some of the skills that you have developed in your previous job are transferrable into this new field. And then list some skills that you have. Hope that helps.
  • Depends what job you’re changing to, I went for an interview at 'Claire's Accessories' and claim that I wanted to develop and expand on my customer service skills and that I wanted to get my foot on the ladder in the fashion industry. Or you could say that you don't feel challenged enough by your work/manager.
  • You want to keep growing and feel you will have more opportunities in the new position. Be careful that they know you see the opportunity in the position they are offering. Employers are not thrilled to hire someone they think will expect a promotion soon after hiring.
  • You're trying to find work that is your "best fit" and you feel that the transition is perfect because you will take what you have learned and move to the next thing.
  • better working conditions or compensation
  • My last boss kept offering to perform a hysterectomy.
  • Maybe because some may have seasonal jobs.
  • Depends why you are. If it's because you cannot stand your current job then it's "looking for new challenge". If it's because you want better pay, then it's "looking to progress career path" etc etc.

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