• Yes. I find it very annoying. It's not as bad if the parent is trying to get the kid under control though because than i know the parent is at least trying.
  • A child that is ALLOWED to scream pisses me off. If the child is screaming and the parents are either removing the child from the area or are attempting to resolve the issue (giving a bottle, a binky, etc), then I am OK with it.
  • yes but what pisses me off more is the parent not doing anything about
  • When I am in a fancy restaurant.... yes
  • Yes.But it pisses me off more when the parents give in to the hissy fit.
  • Even though I am a mother of two...a child's yell...especially when it is not your own child...can really get on your nerves. I can sort of block it out and pretend to be patient, but deep down inside I am thinking PLEASE GOD MAKE THE BABY STOP!
  • No, the [neglectful] parents of a screaming child do though.
  • When in public, the child doesn't but the parents that can't control their out of control child does. It is not cool and there are ways to stifle your child without being mean toward the little person. Parents, take control of your child; us adults will understand that you are doing the right thing. A hand over the mouth does wonders. Take control of your kid; don't let them control you.
  • I wouldn't say it pisses me off, but I do get upset and I wonder why he/she's screaming? If it's a kid screaming in the dept. store because he/she doesn't get a toy that he wants, then I just hope the parent ignores him/her. If they are screaming because it's the parent's fault, I am pissed at the parent, not the child. :)
  • No, it just grates on my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard. Liken it to torture.

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