• I had one back in the 70tys and yes at that time they were the in thing. I always thought the handles were kind of cool I guess would be like our log-in names on the net.
  • 10-4 Babe. I actually had a base station as a kid. I now keep a portable with me in the car.
  • 10-4, Good Buddy! Watch out for the bear, on I-270, LOL.
  • Come on back truckers and talk to Teddy Bear. Giddy-up and go daddy. Giddyup and go. Base station earned through selling greeting cards when I was a kid.
  • Sure do. Belonged to both a CB club and a Single Side Band club in the 80's. Then in 1996 I took up drivin' big rigs and I can tell you that they are still the "in thing", if you happen to have 18 wheels under ya'! Wouldn't want to be without it. In fact I carry a "back-up" in the side box. Ya got "semi-retired" here. Catch ya' on the "turn-around".
  • That's a big 10-4. I remember those horrible songs like 'Convoy'.
  • You bet, I was always flying around in my car, "This is the crazy wolf, heading east on I-94, mile 235. Looking for the big bad bear storm, come back." I'd always get good reports on where smokey was.
  • Sure do, had one in the car and one at home. We even got together on Friday or Sat nights for coffee great fun.
  • God no. I wish! Those seem like fun, better than cell phones.
  • We had walkie talkies when we were kids (over)
  • Yup, in the early 70s we lived without electricity or a phone and the CB was our only communication from home. We had it for emergency use and for fun. There were some great characters on there in my area lol!
  • I sure do. I started with a walkie talkie,and moved up to a Cataline SBE mobile radio hooked up to a power supply,with a CLR antenna.We talked all over the States and Canada when skip was in. I actually met my husband on the CB. He was The 316, and I was The Barbie Doll. We have been married for 33 years this year,so I guess you could say it was a match made on "The CB". We met many wonderful people on the CB many of whom are still our friends
  • My handle was "Skinny Dipper"...though I never have. Back then I was very skinny.
  • Yes; At the time I was in my early 20's and repairing T.V.'s in NJ. One of our service commitments was to service (you guessed it) the CB radio. At that time you needed a Class D license to operate one. That was in the 70's. Shortly after that C.W. McCall's song "CONVOY" took the airwaves by storm. Thanks for the memory jog. tech

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