• Well if you are both too stubborn and neither side is willing to make a first move, then you have reached a 'stale-mate' - and it's all rather pointless. Somebody always has to 'go first' and on occasion, it may fall to you to do it. While I am not suggesting you lay down in the path of an oncoming train, there is no harm in just 'sticking your toe in the water', so to speak. Trust is earned - it comes from the individual actions of each party, what you do today, what they do the day after and so on - and it takes ages to build up. It's really no good being too scared to even try because you end up in limbo. When two people first meet, neither of them can trust one another because they don't know one another. Forget all the stuff about 'sacrifice' because you don't have to sacrifice anything - you compromise and negotiate as you go along. If you want trust to develop then you have to forget all this serious, heavy contemplation and ideals and instead just have fun together - like you would with your best friend. Go out on dates, enjoy yourselves which means lots of fun and laughter not endless analysis of what the other person may or may not be thinking. Forget the heavy stuff, have fun, go on dates and the trust will take care of itself quite happily without any help from you.
  • There is nothing to say we 'should' be willing to sacrifice ,compromise etc. Ideally the people involved 'want' to do these things because of how they feel about each other. Sometimes what seems so confusing and frustrating can be a simpler matter of incompatibility between two people.

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