• In grade school, we performed the Hokey Pokey by forming a big circle and doing what the lyrics said to do: You put your right foot in (we'd stick our right feet out into the cirle), You put your right foot out (we'd pull our feet back); You put your right foot in (we'd stick our feet back in), And you shake it all about (we'd shake or wiggle our feet). You do the Hokey-Pokey (we'd pull oour feet back out and get ready to...), And you turn yourself around (...turn around in place.). That's what it's all about! While doing this, you raise your hands and waggle them with your fingers spread. You can see a picture of this here: The verses follow the same sequence for different parts of the body, and end with "your whole self." Here's a picture of the "put your head in" verse:!.JPG There's a site with the full lyrics, the history of the song, and a midi of the tune at: "Everybody Hokey Pokey!"
  • we used to do this on skates at the skating rink. You just do what the song says.

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