• death!! the crow is death tapping at his windowpane. basically his life
  • Basically it's about dispair and hopelessness.
  • It represents the quest of the intellectual for knowledge; he equates it with the volumes of forgotten lore, and suggests that the "shorn and shaven" bird is intended to ridicule the student's reliance on knowledge. It is therefore ironic that the student mocks the raven's appearance, because in doing so, he is mocking himself
  • Sweet T already covered the highlights, so all that I could add is that it conveys Poe's typical sense of agitation, paranoia, and haunting sense of disarray. The literary techniques used really reinforce the entire point of the poem. He personifies this mysterious bird and so it extracts his own mental state.
  • His love, Lenore, is gone, presumably dead. He is very depressed and is wondering if peace shall ever come to him again. The raven, mockingly declares "Nevermore!" It's a poem describing the hopeless feelings of lost love.
  • It's about a loveless guy. It's a bleak winter night. He's tired and reading some old stories. He heard a knocking on his door. To find out the rest, you need to read the poem. You should read the poem. It's a very good poem.
  • I studied this in school, it talks about his love how it fails and how he misses her and along comes a Raven and he only replies 'Nevermore' and the man (edgar) stays mad and frustrated depressed because he lost his only love. s

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