• Yes. They feel like thongs.
  • Grab you waistband and pull up, cramming your underwear in your crack while cupping/squeezing your 'package' with the other hand lol!! That's how my husband describes it who was sily enough to give it a try LOL!!!!
  • yes. i love them. it is not like breifs because they are more tighter. if you are planning to buy one order a size down. it is surprisingly comfy for the STUFF to be stuffed into place.
  • yes thongs g-strins and t-strins are all comfy for me excspiccally thongs caz u feel them the most it feels like a wedgy without the pain. if u havent tried them get some ther amazing! i have 3 g-string 1 t-string and 4 thongs and 1 pair of booty shorts and there all comfy
  • No. Silly idea. and no idea.
  • No I don't, and I don't know.
  • No, never wore a thong and I can't say it would be a good idea. I would imagine that this is one of the most uncomfortable things a man could be put through.
  • I've never worn thongs.
  • Thongs are comfy and probs better than ne other underwear the dont bunch n u got more support and they feel like your wearing nothing well thinner the string less you feel id buy one n try it r good i got serveral from them and they are top notch.
  • Yes,you need to wear them for a few days straight but after that you don't feel the wedgie feeling. You need to buy a size bigger than you normally would.
  • they aren't the same... i own a pair but don't wear them often, i imagine i could get used to them after a few wearings.
  • I have been wearing thongs made guys for several years, I find that a properly fitting thong is much more comfortable than that briefs/tightey whities or that baggy crap. KMarts sells Joe Boxer and Fruit of the Loom brands, both are very comfortable. Years ago I found hard to criticize when I never tried one on, I tried them and never went back to briefs/tightey whities or that baggy crap. If you are worried about what other think, remember this “Who is going to want to see you in, or see your underwear anyhow” so who care what other think.
  • It really depends on which ones. Yes straight men do wear them. Its a comfort thing, plus depends some jeans are a pain with bunching. Some women are turned off by them, lets be honest, unless your spending 4 hrs a day in the gym and eating like a rabbit your body is not often complemented by them. The good ones you can wear all day - 2xist has a nice and cheap one, but the more fashion brands, Joe Snyder, Papi, N2n, etc.. you can find some good ones. Calvin Klein has some good ones too that you can often find in some department stores. Most of the other brands you can find online, or in stores that cater to a ... again honesty - a gay crowd. The support is great, without any of the bunching around the legs - compared to briefs. Often too they are more $$ but with better materials then the crappy cotton briefs. I would say I wear a thong or jock about 3 times a week. I used to think the simple rule was that women's underwear was to entice, mens underwear was to protect our pants from our ass. While often true its not always the case.
  • Decent thongs for men are very comfortable. Don't get them too tight... if anything go one size up. The idea is for gentle support, not squash it all in place! After 5 minutes you will not notice the thong between your cheeks... I find boxers riding up my bum very uncomfortable, but a thong is designed to be there and goes unnoticed.
  • I would imagine mens thongs are comfortable. I only wear womens. They took a little getting used to, but after wearing them a few times, they became very comfortable. As you can see from my avitar I like the little sexy styles in feminine colors.
  • i have a couple thongs and i love them. i like to pull them up so i always have a huge wedgie but i make sure its tucked in so no one can see it. i think they are very comfy. the thongs i have are girls thongs and the fut just right. i dont think they are the same as tighty whiteys. i love thongs!!
  • Get the right size and cut they are great for support. Microfiber is the best materail. They dry JM Skinz are great very fast.
  • I have tried men's thongs and never found them to be too comfortable. They are usually too tight in back. Started wearing women's thongs two years ago. It took a while to get used to them. After a few times I found them to be very comfortable. I usually wear a thong 5 days a week. I like the sexiest ones I can find. I look and feel great in them.
  • depends on the guy

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