• I've had the 'no answers coming' problem also. However, I really don't ask very many good questions.
  • I don't really need the opinion of people like that anyway. You can disagree with me anytime, without resorting to name calling or insults. Those people, I respect.
  • Those ab members have no life. Those are trolls. And they have nothing better to do,they don't want to answer questions,they just want to cause trouble.
  • You are a (insert insult here)! And I am sorry that I hit the points button instead of the negative points button (I missed). Oh, and I forgot to flag you (curses, foiled again). How was that? I've lost interest in keeping track of them. And I enjoy a challenge. Much more important, I'm just here to learn and have some fun.
  • The hard part when someone considers "I don't care" is an insult. I have no control over what other people do or think, and my ratings is turned off, so I don't really notice that, either.
  • I'm basically lucky that I don't have to deal with too many of them (although logic dictates they should flock to me). So, the occasional BS doesn't really bother me for very long.
  • Eh, you'll have @ssholes everywhere. Forget about them and just have fun here. :)
  • Meh, whatever. I wonder if my sarcasm comes off as rude sometimes. I don't mean it to.
  • "F" 'em (Flag 'em). The a-holes have chased (and are attenpting to chase) some VERY nice, helpful, truely friendly people off the bag. Isn't it wonderful that WE normally have no idea who they are? Can you imagine what would happen if you DID, and knew where they lived? They don't seem to realize that there ARE some "unstable" people here. They come here for help, and the a-holes give them Scope (very old callback), possibly sending them over the edge. They should be hoist by their own pitards. THAT said, fighting with them does nothing but get YOU into trouble, because, as in most sports, the guy that deals the payback is the one that REALLY gets into trouble. Ignore 'em. They'll eventually be distracted by something shiney and new they can ruin.
  • Some miserable people only feel OK about themselves when they can make others feel badly. It's a pathetic "superior" kinda thing usually manifest by those who are inadequate in some major way(s) and are usually aware of that. For a great indicator of this type of angry psychodynamic (read: asshole) among ABers is the profile statistic: "% of + ratings" given. A low percentage = hypercritical of others = the pathological need to feel "superior" or "better". When caught in a contradiction (when they have the courage to leave a comment at all [rarely]), they universally resort to personal insults or something like: "You're an idiot and not worth my trouble writing to you", etc., etc. These people would be kinda almost pitiable if it wasn't for their constantly demonstrated anger/hatred. Do you recognize in this behavioral dynamic any particular *group of folks* who demonstrate this daily?! ;-)
  • They exist? Oh yeah. I unchecked the rating box in my profile.

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