• I believe in gun control. I use both hands. I own a gun. I am male.
  • like the majority of females in UK, i have no gun, and have never been near one &_&
  • yes, lol one must have control of ones gun at all times! I don't own a gun but My parents own plenty! I am female!
  • There's all sorts of rhetoric and faux-witticisms that people use when talking about gun control. So, in order to be unambiguous: I'm against ownership of guns. I don't own an gun, and I'm a male.
  • I believe in gun control. I have great control of my guns. I hit what I am at. I have a large gun collection. I am all male. :)
  • I am a chick. I believe in a certain type of gun control. I believe that automatic weapons should never be sold to the general public. I believe that if you want to own a gun, as a private citizen, you should be required to take classes and pass tests on how to handle, use, take care of, clean and store your weapon and ammo. I believe that anyone who attends these classes will be better prepared for whatever owning a weapon can bring. I believe that people have the right to own guns. I do not and probably will never own one though.
  • I also have great control of my guns, own several and I am female.
  • As a Canadian hunter and firearms owner, I know all about gun control. I support gun control inasmuch as I beleive every gun owner should be required take courses designed to teach safe handling, and have no prior criminal convictions. Criminals don't register their guns, but there's no point giving them a licence either. I am not for a national gun registry, or for any infringement on the rights of law-abiding citizens to own arms. Unlike the US, we don't have a second amendment here, but I sure wish we did. (Heck, we don't even have a first amendment!) I do beleive to a small degree that fully-automatic firearms should be for police and military use only, but I'd love to be able to head out to the range with an AR... oh well! As far as handguns and semi-auto's go, those should be no more restricted than bolt, lever or pump-action rifles/shotguns... I beleive that many people who are anti-gun are scared by the media and ignorant about what a semi is... I sure don't consider my little semi .22 Lakefield (what Savage was manufactured and sold as up here in the 70's) as "scary" as my 45/70 lever gun. I fully support harsh mandatory sentences for gun crimes. Money wasted on a gun registry here in Canada could have incarcerated a lot of people for a long time, or put more cops on the street... now THOSE are crime-fighting measures, not having a duck hunter in a rural community register his old Ithaca. I don't beleive in gun-free zones, since criminals apparently can't read, and keep shooting up schools and malls. The first guy who decides to shoot up a non gun-free zone like a police station or military base, I may change my mind about gun-free zones. molon labe
  • I am a male and Yes you need to be in control any time you are armed. I sight with both hands on the gun at all times. The government does not need to take control of guns or a lot of criminals will have guns and honest people will not. It is working fine the way it is.
  • GUN CONTROL MEANS USING BOTH HANDS. As well as your brain of course. I own four firearms. I have one ShotGUN (Gun) and three Rifles. I am a Female.
  • Yes. No. Male.
  • Gun control is knowing how & when to use if you have to, we have about 5 guns in our house. 4 rifles and one revolver. I'm a female
  • We think every woman in the U.S should have this type of gun control. (Male, 8 of us)
  • *shrug* I believe in being responsible with guns, and not letting just any yahoo buy one anytime they want. I do not own one myself, but my bf has many. I am female.
  • no, i own two guns and i am male
  • I do believe in gun control. I do not own a gun and I am a male.
  • i believe in literacy and gun education... not gun "control" i dont believe in any kind of "control" yeah i do own a gun and I'm a male
  • Yes, every-one should know hoe to control a gun.
  • it's true .... guns don't kill people ... people kill people ... but guns make it a hell of a lot easier ... think about it ... hypothetically ... if no one had a gun .... would you need one yourself for defense? .... I know you'll say yes for reasons such as the attacker is stronger or has some other weapon like a knife or some blunt object .... yea in that instance it'd be an equalizer of even more than that .... but here's the thing .... these school shootings happen because of guns .... no one is going to kill a buncha people at once with a knife or a ball bat .... we all know that ....
  • I believe that responsible citizens can and should be armed. I collect guns, including so called evil scary "assault weapons." Male (and pro-feminist!)
  • 1) Absolutely not 2) No 3) Female I am a staunch feminist and advocate for equal rights all-around. I believe that I should have the right to do what I want with my body, and use the force necessary to protect it.
  • I am a male. I believe guns should be registared and I own three guns of my own. I use them mostly for hunting and I keep them because I inherited them from my grandfather. I also have them for self defense.
  • No more gun laws there are far too many now that lack common sense. If I own guns and how many, is no one's business. Male

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