• I have heard of this brand. I work with several wholesalers who have these particular handbags that I purchase for my purse parties. My customers love them and I can't seem to keep most of them in stock. Unfortunately, I can't figure out where they come from or who manufactures them. I would love to know!
  • There is a store in Gatlinburg Tn. that sells them called leather goods. I have purchased three from them
  • I am also looking for this brand of bag. I purchased one at a flea market in Florida but it is finally tearing inside and I would love to find one online, but so far, no luck! I wonder if they come from China (?)
  • Have you seen this? It only shows two bags but it might be a lead.
  • i just found one too a purse at a thift store.i would also like to know where you can find them at.if you know please email me at
  • I bought one also in Wisconsin Dells in one store and it is georgeous. Now I am trying to find it also on internet.
  • If you live in NY on Long Island, the Attias Flea Market in Sayville has vendors that sell this brand.
  • I bought mine in a Kiosk at the Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas

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