• I think it's because a woman's butt is more shapely. The thong acts to lift and separate the cheeks.
  • it's called the ugly penis
  • Women and men react differently to visual stimulation. Look at how each reacts to typical pornography. Many folks, including myself, believe these reactions are based on our differing biological imperatives.
  • I think neither is attractive. The ONLY time I want to see someone's cheeks is when they are naked, and in my bed.
  • I don't think that sex matters. It's the age & body fat index that matters. I wouldn't want to see anyone w/ cottage cheese thighs & butt in a thing at all.
  • Hair, it's never good to see a guy's hairy ass.
  • A banana in a slingshot is not an aesthetically pleasing idea.
  • girls who don't like guys in thongs and think its gross. i don't mean to be mean here im making a point. What the hell is wrong with u? u obvioulsy have no idea how uncomfortable boxers are. if u have sbs when ur a guy which is sticky ball syndrome which guys do, boxers do absolutly nothing to solve the problem. also when u wear boxers u get those little wedgies, which keeps u picking at your ass. WOMEN u have no choice but to get used to guys in thongs, because more and more guys are wearing them. they are comfy, i agree with u though that boxers are the best looking underwear on guys, but definently not the comfiest. the only reason i wear thongs is because they're comfy. and besides u can wear boy shorts which is retarted and looks ugly on girls, but we can wear thongs? come on girls, be reasonable
  • gender roles. i'd personally like to see the return of the man thong, on good looking guys. speedos are too old. i can barely see Michael Phelps junk on my t.v. better image please.
  • Girl's bottoms nice. Men's bottoms hairy and gross.
  • because men dont have beautiful curvy bodys like women do.
  • The idea of a man with something up his but is nasty... and having his package a balled up for the world to see is creepy!!
  • our asses are not ascetically pleasing and neither are any of our sexual organs!!!
  • Why is everybody assuming that a man would have a hairy, gross ass??
  • It's an effeminate look.
  • Personally, I don't think seeing their junk through a pair of tight underwear is attractive. Nor does the buttfloss look good on them. Sorry guys.
  • ..thats a bum thing, and how the muscles are shaped i think.. but now men's bums in tight boxers.. well now we're having a different conversation ..;OP
  • Guys in thongs aren't always bad! It depends on the guy.
  • I dont like them on either tbh xD
  • Why is everybody making the assumption that a man has a gross, hairy ass?? Couldn't that be the same for some women, and completely opposite for some men. Your stereotypical attitudes amaze me.

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