• The bible mentions none of those things, Jesus merely said eat bread and remember my death. Drink wine and remember that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness for sins. This drink was a symbol of the blood that He shed on behalf of sinners in order that forgiveness might be chieved on their behalf. That does not require jiggery pokery.
  • become a muslim and read the quran from amir khan
  • These are customs, not commands. The only command is to "Do this in remembrance of me" ie take the communion, share the bread and wine, in remembrance of Christ's sacrifice, until He comes again. In New Testament times, when people met in houses, this took place as part of a normal meal, just as the Jews have these symbols ( in their pre-Christian form) at their Friday night meals, and at Passover. It was only after Christianity was allowed to be practiced freely, and buildings specifically for worship were built, that customs and regulations grew up as to how to do this, what to use etc

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