• I agree 100%, anyone else would have been banned and so should she be :-)
  • Sure. They have a right to deny service to unruly passengers. Celebrity is not an excuse to be rude.
  • I agree - she's way too volatile and seems unable to control herself. Bad enough on the ground but can you imagine what could happen if she lost her temper mid-air in a plane full of people?
  • Oh dear, the poor lady needed some cheap publicity again.......lock the door and throw away the key...please. + :o)
  • She should be banned period.
  • If that's exactly what they would have done with any other customer of theirs, then yes, I agree with it.
  • Yes. Just because she is a celeb does not give her the right to expect treatment any different than the rest of us would get. I have an idea! Let's get ALL the airlines to ban her, then she can't travel so much, making her go away faster!
  • They went easy on her, I would have booted her at 30,000 feet yo...
  • I agree. She has a history of abusing those in servant roles to her. Make her skinny ass fly Virgin.
  • Sounds fine to me. The company shouldn't let their employees have to put up with prima dona behavior. If Holiday Inn can ban certain rock stars, other companies should do likewise to people who throw temper tantrums.
  • I think it's great! I hope it knocks her down a peg or two.
  • Naomi has been known for her temper tantrums forever.I think she just likes the attention she garners from them.She needs to get professional help!!
  • Yet another "celebrity" who thinks the rules are for everybody else. I think the airline has an obligation to ban anyone who might infringe on the rights of other passengers. This person is clearly a loose cannon and cannot be trusted to comport herself in a calm, logical manner. Why doesn't she buy her own plane? Charter a jet...mooch off a wealthy friend. Leave the rest of us normal people, the ones who follow rules and have boundaries, alone! :(
  • I agree, because no deserves to be put in a position to be treated like sh*t, which is how NC treats people. Unless they are willing to deal with her again, they have to ban her!
  • Disagree, they should have tossed her off at about 3000 feet.
  • agree. i hope that they do this to everybody else that gives them hell too
  • Of course I agree with that decision. What's there to disagree with?
  • i agree.....actually she's probably lucky to have gotten away with just being banned~anyone else would have been banned along with being hauled off to jail for assaulting a police officer!
  • I had heard that it was because one of the passengers took her picture with their cell phone. But no matter the cause she deserves what she got and I hope criminal charges are pursued against her. This woman is out of control and needs to be stopped.
  • I agree 100%. She is such a bully and always hitting and abusing someone. One day she will find her match and its not going to be pretty.
  • I don't care who you are or how "famous" you are, commercial flight is a privelege, not a right. Luggage gets lost sometimes, and that sucks, but that's why you put tags on it with your name and address on them. Anyone who acts like this and makes flying more unpleasant than it already is deserves to be banned. It is the airline's right to ban you, it is not your right to act like an asshole.
  • I agree. Anyone else who behaved this way would be banned, as well. Celebrities should be held to the same standards of conduct as the rest of us. :)
  • Not only should they ban her all airlines should ban her as a potential problem...let her pay for private jets...that will soon get old...
  • Not only that.. she is reported to have called them "honkies" and should be banned for using outmoded terminology ;)
  • I think Naomi needs a long night with Sloppywet.
  • if shes acting like a crazy bitch, then yes
  • Airlines have the right to refuse service to any abusive guest. Their rules are all spelled out on their tickets and online disclosures, so she should have known what to expect. Looks like the anger management class she was ordered to take didn't do a lot of good.

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