• Low Self-esteem.
  • Also, they might be doing it to show that they can go to those place like the best of the men. It might just be an equality issue.
  • Why do men spend money at a strip club when he can find many of women who will do it for free???
  • Variety? ;-)
  • How many "chippendale" type guys will actually go with your average looking bored-housewife? Zilch! Thus the reason they go to male strips clubs, to see abs in motion and to salivate to the rythm of their hips; something they can't get from their flubby beer-guzzling husbands.
  • News Flash<*> nothing is "free" you are gonna pay in some way shape or form........women spend money @ strip clubs just like guys do......honestly, i've spent more at a womens' strip joint then i have @ a male strip club.....
  • Simplicity There are those who will and those who won't High quality (and perhaps most important) No pressure!
  • The attractiveness of the men at said strip clubs are far more physically attractive than the average woman could get. Plus, I think it makes them feel in control in some ways, letting the men be the sex objects for once. That being said, not *that* many women go to male strip clubs compared to the number of men that go to female strip clubs.
  • who knows. i dont fancy wieners in my face but some women do. plus most guys are fat and hairy when they are 40 so women want to look at something good too ya's not all men
  • Most women do not go to a strip club for a fantasy, they go for the fun of it. It has nothing to do with what they can get for free.
  • Better bods and more charisma, duh. Average guys are lacking, in both. But we still date them!
  • Male strippers don't do much for me. I figure most of them are either gay or shallow. I enjoy watching the older women go nuts over them - that's more entertaining. Give me an average joe with a big heart and intelligence any day over the eye candy.
  • i think women go for fun and a good girly night out. not to get off
  • um speaking for myself, i've never been to a male strip club and never will. i agree with you completely here and think strip clubs are kinda nasty anyways.....thanks!
  • The men who will "give it to them for free" are not doing it for free. They want sex.
  • id rather see girls strip than a guy but i think the women that do go to strip clubs go because its fun with the girls and they have great bodies and theyre fun and charasmatic guys who KNOW whats sexy i instead of a guy that thinks he knows whats sexy or doesnt know at all
  • They like to see hard-bodied sexy men, which are not easy to come by for free.
  • What a great question. And women worry about us going to strip joints. They're actually worse....meaning the women and how they interact with the guys
  • haha that's a good point! I don't have an answer... I just wanted to say good question! :)
  • it's just for the fun of it... why do guys go to female strip clubs when they can get it for free?
  • I'm sure it's just for laughs. Fun girls night out, etc.
  • men and women visit strip clubs for differnet reasons. Women usually go to these places in groups as part of some event or celebration, not to hire someone for sex. I cant say that I have ever seen a woman in a club alone. The women arent seeking sex, they are just having fun with the girls.

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