• I asked my Mum this (she died in 1981), she said, she likes attics. + :o)
  • lol. Maybe they tend to go to the quieter places, the attic of any house being one of them.
  • The attic has little to do with it, but it would be more logical if the attic belonged to the person who passed away and that ghost is either them or someone who knew them, or it could be someone who feels attached to that house, and the attic is more comfortable and quiet than the rest of the house. Again, there are no ghosts, but I humored this silly question for logic's sake, for a ghost is a ficitional spirit, and if there are spirits, it is either a literal demon or a literal angel, and you don't want the former.
  • You assume that ghosts are "free to roam the universe with no physical limitation". Unless you have personally been a ghost you do not know that to be fact, so your question loses its integrity.
  • because of the cobwebs,'s creepiest place these deluded people can think of to put them.
  • My understanding is that most ghosts stay where they lived..especially if they met a violent death. So if it is someone's attic, it was probably their attic first! :)
  • Good question. Maybe they are attracted to a place they knew...or just one that looks like a place they knew. I never worried much about the ghosts in the attic of the old house I grew up in. They never bothered me. I never got "slimed" or anything....(smile).
  • Go rent the movie: The Others. Tho the movie is fiction, if you believe in ghosts, it kinda explains why ghosts are stuck in one house/room etc. And it's a good scary movie, too :-)
  • Even the Bible acknowledges that there are ghosts. Spirits are usually tied to the place they died, were buried, or were traumatised. Occasionally they are attached to a certain object and go where-ever that object goes. I have never heard anyone say or therorise that they are free to roam the world as they please. Why do you assume that they are attached/haunt only attics.
  • LOL What a great question + I would think that maybe they lived there before and they may not know that there is so many more dimentions to explore.
  • Because they're afraid to roam into the space and get sucked by a black hole. So, if you want to drive them away, put a black hole in your attic :-)
  • They have a reason for being attracted into that attic. These spirits were once living people. What really would attract them to outer space. Besides, if they are collections of energy, wouldn't the vacuum of space pull them apart? Just a theory. Most spirits that we identify it turns out have some sort of connection to the space they haunt. None of us have really spent a significant time in space.
  • good question, when you put it like that, its seems kinda weird doesnt it !!
  • Or in castles? Why don't poor people's homes have ghosts? People died there too. There is a lot about the notion of ghosts that makes no sense.
  • Because they have an attraction to that location. Somehow it has a significance for them.

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