• he cheats! watch the video, he slides his leg out! pretty cool but he does other levitations that are even more difficult to explain!
  • It's not magic? I was sure it was one of these guys I read about in Wikipedia... like Barak.
  • He was defintley suspended between the two buildings on some type of cable. Magnetics are a possibility but unlikley. He was not in control of the direction he was facing while suspended and i could read that from his body expessions. A sky blue cable would be very hard to see so its possible that he was dangaling. The fact that he went from building to building itself reveals that he could not float anywhere he pleased but in fact was being guided and supported(for the most part,he should have controled the directions he wanted to face better) Anyway it was a wonderful illusion. Cheers Criss.
  • As a fellow illusionist, there are only two explanations that can explain how Criss pulled off the hovering illusion. 1: he is infact a true demon with extrodinary powers or (and the most logical explanation) 2: a new fiber optic wire that is able to hold up to more than 500 lbs, plus a clear pedistal made of polymer plastic that can easily be "edited" out of any television image is then set up building to building and then the pedestal is lubricated (use your imagination) and the wind actually pushes him along. Now keep in mind with the wind, he is in somewhat of a corridor between two buildings. There is always a breeze in between corridors and the higher you are, the more wind. And probably the most important and logical explanation, tv editing. The people that were witnessing this illusion were about 80 ft. BELOW Criss. So the one thing that everyone has to remember about magic, ITS ALWAYS an ILLUSION.
  • The key to understanding his levitations, is to watch his feet as he "flies" over a crowd or building; notice how his shoulders and torso remain fixed and his feet seem to sway back and forth. Which leads me to believe that he is suspended either from the waist or underneath his shoulders.
  • fiber optics, tv editing and bad actors trying too hard to be amazed but you can't knock the hustle, he's got it down, very entertaining but his next trick should be zapping that sugar out of his tank.
  • edited video and actors

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