• It's *their* kids. Usually parents abuse their kids because they were abused when they were kids. Abuse is a learned behavior.
  • Parents abuse their kids because they have problems in real life that they are upset about. they often take their anger out on their kids because that they are easy targets that will not fight back.
  • If you could figure out how to stop the cycle, I think you'd get a Nobel prize! In my case, I think my father was abusive because he has a huge need for control and domination.
  • Stress is the greatest factor. The lack of self-control would be another reason.
  • just want to know beacuse im a kid who put this question
  • It... it's easy? Just kidding. I imagine the reasons are very complex. For some people, there's a thin line between child abuse and discipline also.
  • Among other things, they experienced childhood abuse themselves.
  • The Cycle of Child Abuse From Kimberly L. Keith, You see your child misbehaving, and you tell him to stop. He ignores you, and you tell him again. You are getting frustrated. He says OK, I will, then 10 minutes later the same thing is going on. You're really angry now. It feels like your authority as a parent means nothing. If other adults are around then it's even worse, you feel ineffective and inadequate. So you yell, I TOLD YOU TO STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. GET OVER HERE. You grab him by the arm when he comes to you, give him a shake, and tell him to go to his room. YOU'RE GOING TO GET A WHIPPING FOR NOT MINDING ME. A few minutes later you go into his room with the belt and spank his bottom with three good licks. Now, fast forward about ten years. He's fifteen, and you tell him to clean his room. He sighs, walks into his room, and slams the door. Thirty minutes later you check, and he hasn't done a thing in his room. In fact, he's on the phone with a friend, the TV is blaring, and a bag of chips is spilled on the floor now. You've had it with his defiance of your requests. You yell at him, YOU ARE SO LAZY. I TOLD YOU TO CLEAN UP IN HERE, AND YOU DELIBERATELY DEFIED ME. YOU'RE GOING TO GET A WHIPPING FOR NOT MINDING ME. He's heard that before and he's decided he's had enough. OH NO YOU'RE NOT. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO TOUCH ME. I'M GETTING OUT OF THIS PLACE. He bolts for the door and you grab him as he moves past you. He swings around and pushes you out of the way. You fall against the dresser and it hurts. You are livid. JUST WAIT UNTIL I GET YOU, you scream after him. Thus it begins, starts, or perpetuates.
  • I think adults abuse children because they dont understand themselves. they are unhappy people who were raped, abused, molested, or anything else. or its just random feelings of insecurities to themselves. Not to mention drunks who do it too.
  • My husband, now ex-husband tried this crap, so I left him. Discipline come from disciple (to teach) therefore we should show by example how we should live and treat others. Spanking and hitting... just lets them know it's OK to hit someone when your angry. If this is a problem, please let a teacher know. Sometimes an intervention can help the whole family.
  • Parents abuse kids for many reasons. For example; an agrument starts at home. They will take out their anger on a kid as they are vitcm's and usaully don't stand up for themselves. They don't stand up for themselves not because there dumb, but because they have respect for there parentS and therefore can not see what there parent is doing is wrong. They will cry on the outside, but live on the inside as people usaully don't understand. xx
  • Having been sexually molested when I was a child, and in subsequent therapy sessions, we learned that abuse is a cycle from one generation to the next, UNLESS it is broken! Therapy or counseling is absolutely needed in cases of abuse, otherwise the child, or victim believes,that it was their fault, that the abuse happened! And it also helps to break the cycle of progressive abuse!
  • It is all about control, they think that because the kid is theirs that that means that they have the right to hit them around and there is nothing anyone can do about it, which is wrong too. It can also be because they were abused and taughted that hitting your kids is right.
  • Because they were abused as kids and have mental issues, because they have natural anger issues and take it out on their children, maybe they simply have no idea how to be parents. There are multitudes of reasons, and most of them come back to some form of mental illness.
  • Because they are weak and don't have the skills to handle life. I agree with rudeboy that in most cases it's due to mental illness. However, I also think that society has become detached. Too many people (including parents) are insensitive to others and don't think about how their behavior my hurt/affect someone else.
  • all the above.
  • well i have never really understood the reason of why parents or even just people abuse kids. sometimes it may be becuase they were abused themselves when they were young. also it could be becuase they need to feel like they have complete power.
  • Because they ARE Sick Fuckers!!
  • I don't know, that's a good question. I don't hurt my son. Well I'll slap his hand if he does something hes not suppose to but i would never leave a mark on him.
  • I think it's because they have unresolved issues and they take it out on their innocent, defenseless children. Which btw, I think they are cowards and shameful.
  • My kids abuse me!!!....when they get together I don't have a chance!!!...they pick on hoo...
  • Because they don’t respect them.
  • It's harder to detect than abusing here kids?
  • An excellent Q indeed. Kids must know what they do & why they find fault with parents.Just read out the answer of "Cogs Christmas COAT of Compassion" & you get the right answer.Parents are always careful for their children.They have better experience of life & they don't want their kids to face bad time in life.
  • Because the parents were mostlikely victims of abuse, and thats all the parents know is abuse. Its sad.
  • Because kids are annoying little spawns. I don't see how anyone could put up with these little fuckers.
  • Lots of reasons... Brain injury in childhood and mental illness comes into play more times than you might imagine. These people dont know that they shouldn't actually have kids until its too late. Their parents beat them, often brutally and they therefore did the same to theirs. It was more a respect issue back then not to question the parent. Now thats not as strong an ideal as it once was and challenge is encouraged in children. None of which are justifiable reasons or right but shit happens though and even though I was an abused child myself... Looking back now, as an adult and also having kids of my own, I can honestly understand how it happened, but never how come it was allowed to go on for as long and as frequently as it had.

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