• She gives some great tips including brushes to use and application.
  • I used to never contour my face with makeup, and I always wondered how women got gorgeous cheeckbones, and jawlines so then I looked it up and read about it. First suck your cheeks in like you are makeing a fishy face (haha) and then apply blush all along the cheek bone in a sweeping motion. (If your fair try a light pink, if your tan try a peachy colored blush, and if your dark, try a red hue blush) Then invest in some good bronzer. Try to get one that isn't to dark, and isnt orange either. (It might take a few trys to find a bronzer that matches your skin tone. Personally I thin the best kind are the paletts that have a few different shades in one that you can blend together. Now Suck in your cheeks again, and apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks, (A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY WITH BRONZER) Then brush bronxzer along the jawline to achieve a thiner looking jaw, a little on your chin, and on the sides of your nose. Then apply foundation (a shade lighter than your skintone) Down the bridge of your nose (Apply spareingly) which will acheive the look of a thinner nose. BUT REMEMBER WITH THE BLUSH AND THE BRONZER TO NOT GO OVERBOARD!!!! Alot isn't always better!! I hope this helped a little =]

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