• That ain't no lie. lol. I can sometimes just sit and I start crying and feeling like I am not worth a fig.
  • Ya know, when my wife was expecting she didn't have any crazy hormones or weird cravings. Same old girl as she always was, just getting fatter at a faster rate than before.
  • If I point out to you that you might have meant "pair" of jeans, you wont cry again will you? ;)
  • He's lucky you just cried. When I was pregnant, I might have killed him for that.
  • If you think this is crazy, just wait until you reach menopause.
  • i remember seeing my aunt while she was pregnant. wearing the wrong color could make her cry. hope you feel better or at least get some rest!
  • yep, been there, done that. While i was pregnant with my last one, we were having a loft conversion done, and i had just bought a new hoover.. well the young guy who was labouring on the job used the new hoover and sucked up some cement.... did i cry!! he totally wrecked the hoover - i felt like i'd lost my best friend when that hoover wouldnt work hahahaha!!!!
  • My wife (who is 14 weeks pregnant) bawled when someone forgave a $5,000 debt we had.. only she was actually upset..and wouldn't stop crying! go figure.
  • A few months ago that my hubby and I were watching old '80s music videos, and laughing our butts off... then all of a sudden I started crying! Then BAWLING like a hungry infant. I STILL have no idea WHY I was crying... My poor husband. He was SO confused.

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