• They are equally challenging depending on the math involved in each. Both have labs, but chemistry labs tend to last longer than physics labs. You will probably flunk out of both if you don't study them with intensity.
  • Physics class was much more difficult for me.
  • I think physics is much harder. Chemistry was easy for me. I guess it all depends on your preference.
  • Depends on what you're good at. Physics has math problems such as those in Analytic Geometry/Calculus. Chemistry has problems that tend to be on the Algebraic side of things, quite a bit to do with balancing equations and such. Also, Physics requires stronger visualization skills (fewer hands-on activities) and a stronger suspension of disbelief.
  • I think physics is harder. Physics is a bit more abstract. But if a person is an abstract thinker, that person might actually find Physics easier.
  • Neither is harder than the other in the absolute. However it DOES depend a lot on your natural inclinations. Personally, I grasp physics quite intuitively but chemistry is something I actually had to work at, could never totally memorize, and promptly forgot within weeks of graduating.
  • Completely a matter of preference and how your mind works. I had engineer buddies in school who absolutely failed at Chemistry, but they were exceptionally bright when it came to Math and Engineering. I'd recommend learning some basics in both and see which comes more naturally to you...if you're lucky, it'll be both.
  • define harder! there are many parts of physics which are hard to the core! like Voltage Manipulating & some are easier like fruit batteries! Chemistry has formulae and other things which are related to maths so if you're quite good at maths then you'll like chemistry! But all in all i think chemistry is the easiest!

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